Katie Price wins Celebrity Big Brother 2015!

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Katie Price has won this year's series of Celebrity Big Brother!

Katie, 36, found herself going head-to-head with Katie Hopkins in the live final and looked stunned to be crowned the queen of CBB 2015.

Earlier, Michelle Visage finished in fifth place, Keith Chegwin in fourth, Calum Best in second and Katie H in second.

CBB: Katie Price wins, 6 February 2015

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Mum-of-five Katie P was a late arrival into the CBB house, surprising contestants 10 days in, and didn't hold back when speaking about her current and past relationships!

Not only did she spill the beans about her husband Kieran Hayler's cheating, she told all about her marriage to Alex Reid and engagement to Leandro Penna.

Housemate Kavana, who was evicted on Wednesday, also told Reveal that Katie chatted to him about her first husband Peter Andre.

Katie left the house tonight to cheers of "The Pricey, The Pricey" before telling host Emma Willis that she was in shock!

Crying, Katie - who has been suffering since her recent boob job - told Emma: "I don't understand."

She added: "I went in with a medical problem, I've been on antibiotics and painkillers. I'm not 100 per cent well, I think I've been boring. I'm not sure why I'm here."

Kieran Hayler and Katie Price's mum Amy at the CBB final - 6 FEB 2015

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Katie's husband Kieran and her mum Amy were at the CBB live final to support her

Kieran, her brother Danny and mum Amy were spotted nervously waiting in the crowd before jumping up and down after she was declared the winner.

Throughout her time on the show, Katie rarely found herself caught up in conflict - even when all the other housemates were arguing with controversial blogger, Perez Hilton.

However, she did clash with outspoken Katie Hopkins on several occasions.

Former glamour model Katie didn't hold back during last week's face-to-face nominations and told Katie H that she was acting up to the cameras.

This came after Katie H criticised The Pricey for allowing the Government to fund school travel for her severely disabled son Harvey, 12.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - 06 Feb 2015
Katie Price and Katie Hopkins

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Katie P and Katie H were the last two standing!

Later, Katie H told KP that she didn't agree with her comment about her "seeking the limelight", but KP stood firm and branded her "pathetic".

In tonight's show, Katie told the celebrities she was briefly leaving the house for a consultation with a doctor following her recent boob job. After hearing she was heading outside, Katie Hopkins questioned why she would bother returning on the last day.

"She doesn't want me back for a reason," Katie P told Keith Chegwin. "I'm here to stay to the end like everyone else. I just sense she doesn't want me here."

Katie Hopkins was then shown branding Katie Price "thick" and "obsessed with her boobs" while talking to Michelle Visage.

Katie Price tells Katie Hopkins she doesn't sponge off the Government - 30 jAN 2015

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But despite their disagreements, the girls have been able to get on for the best part and Katie Price even gave Katie Hopkins a Pricey makeover earlier this week!

Speaking to Emma about Katie H, The Pricey said: "I like Kate, I've done a full circle. She's got a soft side, maybe she did try and push my buttons sometimes? I spoke up when I needed to."

Referring to her boob job issues, she added: "I'm still me, but there were some arguments I didn't get involved with.

"Katie [Hopkins] said it was ironic a fat kid could choke on lettuce. If I was feeling well, I would've said something because my kid [Harvey] is fat and there's reasons for it, but I didn't have the energy to argue."

Katie Price does face to face nominations in CBB - 29 Jan 2015

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Katie Price does face to face nominations in CBB - 29 Jan 2015

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During her time in the house, Katie's brother Danny has been running her personal Twitter account.

Prior to her eviction, he said: "Thanks everyone for your support!"

Meanwhile, throughout the day, Katie has been backed by her celebrity pals, including former housemate Perez.

"@bbuk It's official and final. @MissKatiePrice has my vote to win today! I hope others vote for her over and over again too!" he tweeted.

CBB: Perez Hilton and Katie Price talk in the house, January 2015

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Speaking about Perez, Katie said to Emma: "Perez doesn't bother me. I've met him before, he's always been a nice guy.

"When you're couped up, it's boring. I'm a very laid back person and very chilled out. I'm quite tolerant."

She added: "I want to find new friends who are loyal. I'll only find out now if they are.

"If people are bitchy and backstabby, I don't want to be friends with them..

"Keith is a loyal friend. I follow him around like a sheep. Cami is into horses like me...Michelle...I hope they haven't been bitchy about me."

Earlier today, Reveal readers voted for Katie to win in our online poll. You got your wish, guys!

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