CBB's Katie Hopkins breaks down at the thought of being liked

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Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Hopkins broke down in tears last night, as she realised she actually might be liked by the public!

During yesterday's episode of CBB, viewers saw Katie let her guard down while talking to Big Brother in the diary room after being told she had made the final five.

Opening up to BB, the usually hard-faced 39-year-old admitted she "doesn't know how to deal with" people being nice to her.

Katie Hopkins breaks down on CBB
5 February

© Channel 5

Speaking about tonight's grand finale, Katie said she feels "very awkward" to be in the running for the CBB title.

She explained: "It feels very awkward for me, I don't want people to take that as ingratitude because there is gratitude that people took the time to pick up the phone and vote for me, but it's just awkward because I've never shared this pyjama-clad person before. I'm uncomfortable with sharing that person.

"If I could be sat here in a suit with my hair done like Princess Anne, I'd be the Katie I rely on and that carries me through."

Katie Hopkins breaks down on CBB
6 February

© Channel 5

Having admitted she can't take compliments very well before, a teary-eyed Katie continued: "It's ridiculous. I'm just better at being a big old bruiser.

"I'm not used to sharing the softer side of me and actually if people are nice to me, I don't know how to deal with that because then I'm not tough Katie and perhaps I can't deal with all the stuff I need to deal with properly.... It's pathetic. It's really pathetic."

Who knew, eh?!

CBB: Kavana is evicted, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5

CBB: Perez Hilton is evicted, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5

Katie's comments came after Kavana and Perez Hilton left the house in a double eviction on Wednesday night.

While Kavana was the first to get the boot, Perez was then show the door too, telling Emma Willis on his exit he was "SO happy" to finally be out of the house.

Shortly after he left the remaining housemates were spotted celebrating Perez's eviction, although Keith Chegwin did admit he thought the public would have kept the US Blogger in until the end.

Now, Keith joins Katie H, Katie Price, Michelle Visage and Calum Best in the final five and tonight viewers will finally crown their winner.

But who will come out on top?!

CBB January 2015: Who do you want to win?
Calum Best23.00%
Katie Hopkins22.42%
Katie Price28.88%
Keith Chegwin13.00%
Michelle Visage12.70%

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