CBB: Katie Price's boob implant 'smells like a dead hamster'

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Katie Hopkins has said Celebrity Big Brother housemate Katie Price's breast implant is starting to "smell like a dead hamster."

Yep. Really.

CBB: Katie Price thinks Cami Li is being off with her, 26 January 2015

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The two Katies in the house on 26 January.

Price has made no secret of the fact she's in pain because of a problem with her recent boob job, claiming to have a hole in one implant.

The botched surgery means she's having difficulty raising her arms above her head, meaning she's been allowed outside help in washing and blow drying her hair.

Hopkins spoke about Price's surgery in her The Sun column today (which she does from the house).

"Pricey is still struggling to keep one of her boobs inside her body and has been told it will have to be removed when she leaves the house," wrote Hopkins.

"It has started to smell like my dead hamster."

Katie Price doesn't think Katie Hopkins is being her self, CBB
4 February

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Katie has spoken about her breast surgery in the house.

Hopkins went on to say Price even thought her breast had fallen off recently, but was relieved to realise it was just her microphone pack.

"During a farewell party for Nadia, Katie's microphone pack fell on the floor and she screamed, 'S**t – my tit!' thinking it was her false boob hitting the deck."

"Big Brother nearly had a cardiac arrest," added Hopkins.

We bet!

Price, 36, had said before entering the house that she'd have a doctor on standby in case of problems.

"I'm still recovering from a boob reduction. Big Brother is aware of it. I had my boobs reduced.

"There is a doctor on standby the whole time to keep checking me but, other than that, my banter is still there! I've been glued to the show - it's a great series!"

Price and Hopkins will face the public vote tonight alongside Calum Best, Keith Chegwin and Michelle Visage to determine who is the winner of CBB.

CBB January 2015: Who do you want to win?
Calum Best23.00%
Katie Hopkins22.42%
Katie Price28.88%
Keith Chegwin13.00%
Michelle Visage12.70%

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