CBB: Did Perez Hilton notice a Lady Gaga song played during eviction?!

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Perez Hilton claims he didn't notice a Lady Gaga song playing during his eviction from Celebrity Big Brother.

The controversial blogger famously fell out with former friend Gaga a few years ago so the choice to play a Gaga song as he left the house did raise a few eyebrows.

Perez Hilton is evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5 / Supplied by WENN

Perez is evicted from CBB.

As Perez left the compound on Wednesday evening, the track 'Born This Way' blasted out through the speakers.

Perez, however, says he didn't notice.

"What song did they play? I was just so happy to be out of the house. I didn't even hear that. I was just in the zone of adrenaline pumping in my brain and thrilled to be out there."

Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton out together at Katsuya
Los Angeles, California - 08.03.09


Perez and Gaga used to be firm friends.

Perez said his thoughts were more on keeping his balance given the poor weather.

"I was just trying not to trip because I saw slush on the steps so I was like, 'Don't fall again! You already tripped in the house!' That is all I was focused on!

Perez was booted from the house alongside Kavana in a double eviction, leaving just five housemates in the running to win.

He emerged as the most talked-about contestant of the show and was even branded the Most Hated Man in the UK thanks to his house antics.

Perez, however, doesn't care.

"I have no cares about the outside world," he insisted, adding: "It feels like a huge failure to me [that everyone is talking about me] because if I could go back in time I would not have done it."

Nadia Sawalha and Perez Hilton in the garden - CBB.

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Perez is thankful for her relationship with Nadia.

As for his 'baiting' tactics, the blogger insisted he wasn't doing any gameplan and hadn't deliberately tried to wind people up.

I just wanted to be myself and have fun. I wanted to be honest throughout and that is what I have been. Even now, I am being so honest right now! I can only answer honestly to every question posed to me and I will only answer honestly and I was honest my entire time in the house.

Despite saying he wishes he hadn't done the show, the American did say he was grateful to have met housemate Nadia Sawalha.

"I am thankful for my relationship with Nadia. I'm going to be doing Loose Women with her."

And he's revealed he will watch every episode of the show back even though he's glad to be gone. Let's hope he has plenty of spare time. That's A LOT of TV!

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