CBB: Luisa Zissman gives Perez Hilton a telling off on BBBOTS

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Luisa Zissman gave Perez Hilton a telling off on last night's Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

Apprentice starlet and former CBB housemate Luisa was none too happy when Perez spoke over her during his panel interview on the spinoff show.

CBB: Luisa Zissman appears on BBBOTS, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5

Luisa wasn't a fan of Perez.

"Don't talk over me or anyone on this panel again because it's really irritating," said Luisa.


Perez simply replied: "Who is she? No offence. I don't know who she is!"

Luisa also called Perez out when he claimed to be happy he had left, saying: "You're so full of s**t, you're not happy!"

"No, I am!" he replied.

CBB: Perez Hilton and Kavana appear on BBBOTS, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5

Who is she? Perez didn't recognise Luisa.

Luisa has actually warned she wanted to get her claws into Perez, saying ahead of his arrival in the studio: "I am so happy. Thank you British public for kicking Perez out the night I am here. My Twitter timeline have gone nuts with people telling me to rip Perez a new one so I will. The Perez Show is done. It's done!"

Perez had a tough old time time from the Big Brother's Bit On The Side panel after his eviction last night.

Panellist Jimmy Bullard asked him: "Why were you such a spiteful pr**k in the house?" Don't hold back, Jimmy!

CBB: Perez Hilton appears on Big Brother's Bit On The Side, 4 February 2015

© Channel 5

Perez said he was thrilled to be out.

Perez wasn't fazed by the wording, answering: "My brain wasn't well. That's not an excuse. All I'm saying is I wish I'd been able to sleep for the first three weeks."

Luisa then piped up to say: "Murderers do that, don't they? They murder people and claim insanity."

Um, a bit too harsh, said host Rylan Clark. "Perhaps a different choice of words, Lulu!"

Perez - who has been dubbed the UK's Most Hated Man - was evicted last night alongside singer Kavana, leaving just five celebrities in the running to win tomorrow night.

CBB January 2015: Who do you want to win?
Calum Best23.00%
Katie Hopkins22.42%
Katie Price28.88%
Keith Chegwin13.00%
Michelle Visage12.70%

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