CBB's Michelle Visage & Calum Best think Katie Hopkins could be a mole

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Celebrity Big Brother's Michelle Visage and Calum Best have now said they think Katie Hopkins could be a mole, after her unusual behaviour.

Earlier today, we revealed Katie H had caused a stir by sharing an iced coffee with Perez Hilton and enjoying a chat.

Confused by their housemate's behaviour - considering she has clashed with the US blogger for the entire series! - Calum and Michelle have now predicted Katie could have been on a secret task all along!

Michelle Visage thinks Katie Hopkins could be a mole, CBB
4 February

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Michelle has said she thinks Katie Hopkins could be a mole.

While Katie H had left the bedroom, Michelle told Calum: "Anything is possible. She could have been the mole all along.

"She was definitely set a task on day one. We know that. That's why she massaged [Perez's] feet."

At the beginning of the series, Katie was the first to enter the house and remained hidden while giving her verdict on her fellow housemates. She then had to pick the two least entertaining housemates to face the first public vote, choosing Chloe Goodman and Alexander O'Neal.

Katie then re-entered the house and was set a secret mission by Big Brother to be nothing but nice.

Despite Kavana and Calum explaining Katie had already carried out a task, Michelle wasn't ruling anything out.

She added: "[Katie] didn't say it was a task though until four or five days ago. All I'm saying is we don't know."

Katie Price doesn't think Katie Hopkins is being her self, CBB
4 February

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Katie Price doesn't think Katie Hopkins has been herself in the CBB house.

Katie Price then gave her opinion on the controversial TV personality, telling Michelle she doesn't think Katie H is on a task, but she does think she isn't being herself.

"I came in the house thinking I like her, but now I've done a full circle with her," the mum-of-five explained. "To me, she's not being herself.

"You can see there's a nice side to her... I can see that. When she's nasty, I just don't think that's her. I think it's an act and she's got good at playing that role."

CBB's Katie Hopkins chats to Perez Hilton over an iced coffee - 4 February 2015

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Katie Hopkins has been playing nice with Perez.

Calum Best thinks Katie Hopkins could be a CBB mole
4 February

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Now Calum thinks she is being cutthroat to win.

Calum then suggested he had seen Katie being herself, but only on occasion as she is playing to win CBB.

He said: "I've seen some realness to her that I really like, but at the same time, it's a competition and I know she's competing."

After watching Katie play nice with Perez, Calum told MIchelle he thinks the mum-of-three is being "cutthroat" now the final is approaching.

"People who want to win that badly will switch and turn and make things work for them," he claimed.

Meanwhile, two housemates will be given the boot during tonight's live show in a double eviction.

With viewers now voting for who they want to WIN, Reveal readers have predicted Kavana and Perez will be the two housemates next to leave.

At the top end of the vote, Katie Price was a clear winner nabbing nearly a quarter of the votes.

Could that mean she's next in line to take the CBB title?!

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