Katie Price's brother Danny clears up CBB hair stylist rumours

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Katie Price's brother Danny reveals the model HAS received visits from a hair stylist twice a week while staying in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Setting recent rumours straight, Danny admitted his sister Katie has been getting her hair done while on the show, but with good reason as she can't physically wash her hair herself due to her recent boob operation.

Taking to Katie's Twitter account, he tweeted: "Hands up who has had a boob job??? Exactly!! It's not easy to wash your hair & dry it when you can't lift your hands above your chest due to recovering. Hair done every two days? Twice a week to be correct!"

Danny's revelation comes after recent reports suggested Katie had been visited by a hair stylist every two days in the CBB house.

While the mum-of-five's hair stylist of choice Mikey Kardashian has laughed off claims he has been entering the house, it seems Katie has been receiving help when it comes to her locks.

CBB: Katie Price talks to Cami Li in bedroom, 1 February 2015

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Katie has been in pain while staying in the CBB house.

Katie Price gives sneak peek of new boobs
27 November

© Instagram / @officialkatieprice

Katie pictured after her boob reduction surgery in November.

In November last year, Katie underwent her seventh boob job to reduce her cup size. But after complications from the op, Katie is still recovering and has had a doctor on standby while on CBB.

The 36-year-old even admitted to her housemates she was still in a lot of pain from her surgery and has restricted movement in her arm as a result.

"They were going to take [the implants] out on Monday," Kate revealed. "That's how bad it's gone under there, it's a hole, my implant was hanging out on New Year's Day."

It's no surprise then Katie has asked for an extra hand when it comes to taming her mane.

In fact, just last week Katie Hopkins revealed she had shared a shower with the model after Katie P was struggling to wash her hair.

Speaking about the experience in her column with The Sun, the TV personality said: "There are two things I should share. Firstly, Pricey is walnut brown and womanly and it is hard to know where to look in a small shower cubicle.

"Secondly, if you are built like a pipe cleaner in a wig, sharing a shower with Pricey is ill-advised."

We'll keep that in mind!

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