Celebrity Big Brother's Cami Li "very annoyed" over Kavana nomination

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Celebrity Big Brother's recent evictee Cami Li has revealed her disappointment with Kavana after finding out he had nominated her.

During last night's show, housemates learned who would be up for eviction, and Cami found out she was nominated by both Perez Hilton and Kav.

Kavana and Cami Li on Celebrity Big Brother - 02/02/2015.

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Cami was disappointed with Kav.

The nominations were played back to the house, with Kav explaining that Cami choosing to take a letter from home may have been a bit "selfish".

Speaking to Reveal this morning (3 February), Cami says the nomination reveal has questioned her friendship with Kav.

"I was very annoyed," she tells us. "For him to come out and say, 'Well I tried to nominate someone else and they wouldn't let me', well, I just thought we had developed a better friendship than that. But it's okay, it's fine.

Cami Li on Celebrity Big Brother - 02/02/2015.

© Channel 5 / Supplied by WENN

"I wanted Kav to win because I thought he was a really great guy but I think what he did was really sh***y."


Cami was voted off CBB last night in a shock eviction during the live bombshell show. In a vote to save, Cami was up against Katie Price, Keith Chegwin and eternally nominated Perez Hilton.

A surprise twist in the special live episode saw housemates stunned as host Emma Willis entered the house and announced a surprise eviction. After getting the fewest public votes, Emma told Cami that she was evicted and the pair left behind a door before going into the BOTS studio where Cami had her post-eviction interview.

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