Exclusive: Imogen Townley talks Ibiza Weekender, rep romances & her new look

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Head rep Imogen Townley spills the beans on the brand new series of Ibiza Weekender.

Fresh from Magaluf, Imogen is back and this time she's headed to Ibiza.

Rocking a new look, the 23-year-old is looking super-glam and oozing confidence. But how will she cope with a brand new island to make her own, and a fresh set of reps to take under her wing?

Reveal caught up with Imogen to talk all things Ibiza Weekender - including her new image, rep romances and how she found taking on the White Isle.

Imogen Townley, The Ibiza Weekender, ITV2
8 February


So, you're back! Last time we saw you in Magaluf, this time round you're in Ibiza. How did it compare?

"It was challenging at times, but it just had this whole new and fresh vibe about it - that was really good. When I left Magaluf Weekender there was quite a lot of drama, and it was quite a negative thing to come away from. So when I got asked to go to Ibiza – a whole new island, a whole new kettle of fish – it seemed like the right step for me. Even though I love Magaluf, I felt like I had outgrown it, it was an old crowd, it was an old vibe. I was ready to take on a new challenge and start a new chapter."

Was it nice to have a brand new team of reps with you?

"Yeah it was. Obviously it can be nerve-wracking to go into a brand new hotel with a brand new set of reps, especially going in solely known as a head rep! But it was fun to have fresh faces and people who were eager. I could train them and guide them along the way."

Did you get on with everyone?

"Yeah I did. At the start I did feel there was a bit of a barrier because they could build friendships straight away with each other, whereas I came in as the boss. It took a little bit longer for me to break the barrier down and for them to go, 'Oh she's actually our friend and not just in charge'. The first few days I did feel a little excluded and I did think, 'Oh God, which way is this going to go?', but everyone was dead welcoming."

Did you clash with anyone in particular?

"Ben was the biggest challenge for me because from the get-go he was wild. He loves his drink and he was a little bit hard to handle at times. When we used to go on nights out he'd forget he was a rep. Trying to tell him to slow down with his drink or get him to behave was like trying to talk to a brick wall at times, so there was a bit of a clash there. I had to step up and be a bit of a bossy boots, but you know that comes with the job! You can't expect to go there and everyone be on their best behaviour. You have to just take it as it comes."

Do you think you found it easier to be head rep in Ibiza because you already had the experience in Magaluf?

"I did, but at the same time it's a new island, I've never been to Ibiza before and I didn't really know the scene that well. You've always got that, 'Oh I don't know what I'm doing' feeling, but because of my time in Magaluf, it came back quite naturally and quite quickly."

Ben, Ibiza Weekender
26 January


Imogen clashed with rep Ben while in Ibiza.

Deano, Ibiza Weekender
26 January


But she sparked up a romance with fellow rep Deano!

All the other reps are of a similar age to you, do you think that makes it harder for them to take you seriously?

"Yeah, I think at first they didn't quite know how to take me. Most of the time you'd say, 'Do this' or 'Do that' and give them advice and the majority of the time they would take it on board. They took my word as gospel in a sense, but sometimes people would forget where they were and that we're here to be reps - not just go out and have fun and party. You had to reign them back in every now and again."

Did Ibiza bring you any romance at all?

"When I arrived, the first person I actually saw was Deano, we bonded really quickly and we got on really well. But in my mind, before I went, I was like, 'I'm not getting with anyone - especially not a colleague. I'm not making the same mistake as I did last time, I'm not going to put myself in that position'. But after one too many drinks, there was a little bit of kissing and cuddling and it evolved."

Is it harder to have a romance when you're the boss?

"Definitely. You're trying to be professional and be the boss and you sit there going, 'Oooh this isn't very professional, I shouldn't be sitting here smiling and staring at one of the reps!'. You can't take yourself too seriously though, you have to have a bit of fun too. It's always nice to have someone to come home to when you've had a few drinks and to cuddle you when you wake up and you're hungover to death.

"As soppy as it sounds and never in a million years did I think it was going to happen, but meeting Deano was probably my highlight from Ibiza. It was so unexpected and no matter how many times you tell yourself nothing is going to come of it, he became such a big part of that experience and an important part of my life. It was definitely worth it!"

Imogen Townley and reps, The Ibiza Weekender, ITV2
8 February


Has it lasted now you're both back home?

"You'll have to wait and see!"

Oh, you tease! Being a rep you're out drinking a LOT! How do you cope with all the hangovers?!

"Oh my God, it never gets any easier! When I first went I wasn't too bad, I wasn't really drinking too much, but that soon went out of the window. I was head rep, so I couldn't sleep in. You just have to power through. There was the occasional siesta which helped as well!"

Have you come up with any good hangover cures?

"Drink plenty of water before you go to bed… which never happens! We'd always have loads of pizza before we went to bed. It's one of those things though, you'd wake up in the morning and be like, 'I have no idea how I'm going to cope throughout the day', but then you have to look at the bigger picture. You're in the sunshine, you're in Ibiza, people are just partying around you all the time, it motivates you to go on."

This time you've come back with a brand new look and you look incredible! Why did you want to make a change?

"A lot of it was down to the way Maga ended. When I left, I felt broken from all the drama, I was deflated and quite disheartened. After a few months of moping round, I took a step back from it all and said to myself, 'it's happened, take it as a positive and get on with it'. I've built myself into a new person. I got into the gym, I got myself nice and healthy, I thought, 'this is my time to come back and prove a point that I can't be broken'. No matter how many times I get knocked down, I'll come back fighting. It's given me a whole new sense of confidence, so changing my hair, changing my look it's made be able to come back and be like, 'Boom! I'm back with a bang'."

Has it made you feel more confident?

"Losing the weight especially has. Rep uniforms can be skimpy and this time I felt confident to walk around in a little crop top and shorts. It takes a lot of pressure off, instead of thinking I didn't look good, I'm happy with the way I am."

Imogen Townley, Ibiza Weekender, ITV
26 January


Was it hard to keep up your new regime while you were in Ibiza?

"At first I kept up my regime, I was eating healthily and eating salads in the day. Obviously we were drinking a lot, but I would try and drink vodka, soda and lime instead, as it's lower in calories. When I first got to Ibiza, I lost even more weight. I was like, 'this is f****** amazing, I'm losing weight and I'm still partying'. But as the hangovers kicked in I did lose it a little bit. Never to the point though where I went home unhappy. I didn't mind having the odd few cheat days."

Why do you like being a holiday rep?

"Even though you have a job to do, there's so much freedom. You're waking up on the most, amazing and beautiful island. You're in the sunshine... you know what it is like, people that are on holiday are happy. Even being surrounded by people all the time, I love having company. You never know what's going to happen, you'd wake up everyday and think, 'This is something new'."

Do you get major holiday blues when you come back home?

"Yeah, you definitely get the holiday blues. But as soon as I come back to England, I'm actually a radio presenter and I do a breakfast show. In the summer, I'm living for the nights and when I get back to England I'm working 6-10am, so I have to quickly get back into that routine. You do get the blues, though. Everyone always wants a bit of sunshine in their life! The hardest part is not waking up with everyone, you do miss your little family."

Finally then, if you had to pick the next Weekender resort, where would you choose?

"I'd absolutely love to go to Cancun in Mexico, I think it would be wild! You get so many people from all over the world going there, it would be such an experience!"

Ibiza Weekender kicks off next Sunday 8 February at 9pm on ITV2.

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