CBB's Michelle Visage tells Katie Price: "I've always wanted to win"

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Celebrity Big Brother's Michelle Visage has told Katie Price she is in the show to win.

Earlier this week, viewers saw Michelle get upset over Perez Hilton's return, claiming she is going to "fight" for her place in the show's final.

And now the RuPaul's Drag Race star has revealed she is in CBB to take home the winner's title.

Michelle Visage reveals she wants to win CBB
30 January

© Channel 5

In a new clip posted to the official CBB website, Michelle can be seen telling Katie Price she has always wanted to win.

"I've said all along I want to win," she admitted. "I want to be the first American woman to win."

Although she has her eyes set on the CBB crown, the 46-year-old insisted she hasn't been playing a game to make sure she gets it.

She added: "I didn't come in here like 'I'm going to win!', I'm not playing a game. When you see me out of here presenting on tele or doing whatever, I'll be the exact same person."

Katie Price insists she's not playing a game, CBB
30 January

© Channel 5

Katie Price does face to face nominations in CBB - 29 Jan 2015

© Channel 5

Agreeing with Michelle, Katie claimed she too is being true to herself - depsite what people may think.

During nominations, Katie hit back at Katie Hopkin's claims that she is not opinionated. Explaining she has come in here to make friends, the mum-of-five told Katie H she thinks she is playing a "massive game".

Talking to Michelle, the mum-of-five said: "If someone put me on a TV programme and said we want you to be opinionated, I'd easily do it and have an argument or discussion. I would. But [CBB] isn't a panel show."

Michelle then pointed out that she believes there are housemates who are acting up for the show.

"I see people playing games that I wasn't in tune to before," she told Katie P. "When you lay back and people watch, you see it."

While Michelle and Katie are safe for another week in the house, Nadia Sawalha, Keith Chegwin and Katie H will face eviction during tonight's live show.

In face-to-face nominations, Keith received five votes while Nadia and Katie were both given four each.

US blogger Perez will also face the public vote as he has been eternally nominated by the viewers and will face every eviction for the rest of the series.

On Tuesday, Patsy Kensit was the third celebrity to be evicted from CBB.

CBB: Who do you want to see evicted on Friday?
Nadia Sawalha23.85%
Katie Hopkins24.89%
Perez Hilton41.49%
Keith Chegwin9.77%

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