MIC's Alex Mytton: "I'm not the bad boy people think I am"

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Fans of Made In Chelsea saw Alex Mytton cheat his way through his ill-fated, year-long relationship with his co-star Binky Felstead.

But when Reveal sat down to chat to him last week, he insists is bad boy reputation doesn't reflect true.

"People always think I'm this horrible, cheating bloke that they've seen on screen but when they meet me, they realise I'm not as bad as I'm perceived to be," he says.

"I don't see myself as a bad boy but all the stuff that happened with Binky would definitely qualify as that, so I understand the public perception."

Alex Mytton, Reveal shoot, London, January 2015

Now loved-up with his girlfriend of six-months, Irish model Nicola Hughes, 24, Alex tells us that his philandering ways are in the pas.

"I haven't messed up this time, and I won't - I'm a good boy."

We're with Alex to talk about his new career. Since joining MIC as Binky's boyfriend, the 24-year-old has showcased his DJ-ing skills on the show and is now releasing his first music track.

Alex Mytton, Reveal shoot, London, January 2015

And the old romantic has even gone soppy on the single!

"I like music that evokes that kind of 'heart wrench', and there's a lot of mentions of love within the lyrics," he says.

He adds: "Coming from a reality TV show can help but also hinder a person's chances in the music industry.

"I'll be a known name but I'll also be type cast as that guy from Made in Chelsea, and people won't really take me seriously until I actually show them my music and prove that I can perform."

If all goes well with Alex's upcoming single, he'll potentially be touring the country and amassing a fanbase of excitable girls, but Nicola can be assured that she has nothing to worry about.

"I'd say she's tamed me," he tells us, clearly smitten.

"Soon after we met, I had to tell her, 'Look, there's some bad stuff that circulated about me beforehand and you should probably know about it'.

"She took it well, and said she'd judge me as I am in the present, not the past.

"She's also confident in herself to know that I'm not going to do anything untoward."

Alex's track, Electric, featuring Julia Biel is available to download on iTunes now

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