CBB's Patsy Kensit: "My heart went out to Perez - he was really ostracised"

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Celebrity Big Brother's recent evictee Patsy Kensit has spoken about Perez Hilton's dramatic return and how his friendship with Nadia Sawalha will affect house dynamics.

Patsy was voted out of the house last night, and in a major twist, controversial US blogger Perez returned to the house after living in secret for the past few days, despite housemates thinking he had walked.

Perez Hilton returns to the Celebrity Big Brother house - 27 January.

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Perez made a dramatic return to the house last night - and Nadia was pleased to see him.

Speaking to Reveal this afternoon, Patsy says Nadia's friendship with Perez will continue to cause a divide in the house.

"The contained Perez is very funny and he's got some really silly stories," says Patsy. "Nadia is being persecuted by association but she is an amazing woman. She's strong, kind and clever – she's wonderful."

Perez's most notable disagreements have been with Katie Hopkins, Cami Li and Alexander O'Neal, and Patsy thinks some housemates don't understand his "flamboyant" character.

Perez Hilton returns to the Celebrity Big Brother house - 27 January.

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Perez staged a 'fake walkout' earlier this week, but his return in the house has already caused fireworks.

"I've grown up, as is Nadia, in the business around flamboyant characters, but a lot of people in the house come from a different background," Patsy continues. "I can see it from both sides. There's definitely a divide. It felt very much like being back at school.

"My heart went out to Perez in the end because he was really ostracised. I felt quite selfish because I couldn't deal with him when he was on high octane, but other times he was just adorable."

Patsy Kensit is the third celebrity to be voted out of the house on 'Celebrity Big Brother - LIve Eviction', Shown on Channel 5 HD - 27 January 2015.

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Patsy became the third housemate to be evicted last night.

Speaking about the impact Perez's return will now have on Nadia, Patsy adds: "Nadia has stayed by Perez the whole time, and to be persecuted for that…I think she's doing a really selfless thing."

Now out of the house, a reflective Patsy says of her CBB stint: "As well as an experience it's a job. I'm glad that I did it and I'm glad that it's over."

And who does Patsy want to win? "I'd vote for Nadia. If Nadia has to be there till the end then I f***ing hope she wins it."

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