CBB: Katie Hopkins smothers Nadia Sawalha in kisses after fallout

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Celebrity Big Brother's Nadia Sawalha and Katie Hopkins appeared to kiss and make up this morning despite being embroiled in an explosive argument last night.

Katie was seen smothering Loose Women star Nadia with kisses at 10am today after lunging onto Nadia's bed.

Celebrity Big Brother - Katie Hopkins smothers Nadia Sawalha in kisses after fallout - 28 January 2015.

The new photo, shared via the official CBB live Twitter account, seemingly suggests the housemates have put an end to their bickering following Perez Hilton's dramatic return last night.

The caption read: "Katie H. just jumped into bed with Nadia and smothered her with kisses. No, really."

But how long will it last?

A follow-up tweet said: "For anyone worried that Katie H. and Nadia are friends now, Katie's claiming her hug was a victory for the right-wing."

Housemates were shocked during yesterday's live show when they discovered Perez hadn't walked, but had in fact been hiding in a secret room watching their every move.

As expected, Perez's return caused fireworks, and in no time at all he told Nadia that Katie had been talking about Keith Chegwin behind his back.

The revelation left Nadia reeling and she blasted Katie for "b****ing" and being a "two-faced" housemate. Nadia's rant on Katie soon evolved into an argument with Calum Best.

Celebrity Big Brother: Nadia Sawalha argues with Katie and Calum - 27 January.

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Nadia came to blows with Katie Hopkins and Calum Best after Perez Hilton's return last night

Meanwhile, Katie H had earlier told Perez that she was "happy" he wasn't in the house. "I was glad Perez was gone," she said. "I enjoyed having Nadia [Sawalha] in the way we had Nadia.

"It was a fun house and I was happy that we no longer had Perez."

Perhaps tired of all the constant arguing, at 10am this morning, Nadia, along with Michelle Visage, vowed "not to get involved" if Katie H and Perez argue again.

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