Michelle Visage convinced Big Brother will keep Perez Hilton in the house

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An upset Michelle Visage is convinced that Big Brother will keep Perez Hilton on the show, after his return to the Celebrity Big Brother house last night.

In a major twist, Perez - who has been living in secret for the last few days - returned to the house, shocking his housemates.

Not happy to be back in his company, a worried Michelle then told pal Katie Hopkins she thinks Big Brother will now deliberately keep Perez in the house.

"They can keep him in," she said. "Come on, we know how this works."

Michelle Visage upset Perez Hilton has returned to the house, CBB
27 January

© Channel 5

Despite Katie suggesting Perez may go soon as he is now eternally nominated, Michelle didn't seem too convinced.

Accusing Big Brother of ensuring Perez is on CBB until the end, the 46-year-old continued: "If they really listened to the public, and the public really voted, maybe there would be a chance."

Having clashed with Perez in the past, Michelle questioned his motives for being on the show, claiming they aren't as sincere as hers.

She added: "I don't care if he goes to the final, I don't care if he takes my place in the final... what I care about is this voice being heard. He's not in here for that, he's in here for self-serving, narcissistic reasons.

"I'm going to fight to get [a place in the final]... What if I get to the final and I lose out to that. Then all of my fight in here has been for nothing. He says he hates the British public, I adore [them]."

Michelle Visage unhappy Perez Hilton is back in CBB house, Channel 5
27 January

© Channel 5

Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - 27 Jan 2015
Perez Hilton returns to the house

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Perez was told viewers have eternally nominated him for the rest of his time in the house.

Michelle's upset comes after viewers saw Perez return to the CBB house, after carrying out a secret task.

While his housemates thought Perez had walked from the show, the American was hidden away watching this year's CBB stars over the last few days instead.

Last night, Perez returned to the house to learn he will face eviction every week, as he is eternally nominated for the rest of his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie Hopkins confronts Perez Hilton after his return to CBB - 28 Jan 2015

© Channel 5

Katie was not impressed to see Perez again.

CBB: Patsy Kensit is evicted, 27 January 2015

© Channel 5

Patsy was third to be evicted before Perez's return.

After falling out with most of his housemates before his staged exit, it's unsurprising many didn't enjoy having him back in the CBB compound.

While Cami Li was not impressed to see the 36-year-old after learning he had nominated her, Katie H made sure to tell Perez she was happy he had gone.

Something tells us there's plenty more drama coming way!

Meanwhile, Patsy was the third housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.

Speaking to Emma Willis, she said: "I knew I would be very boring in there, and I was!"

Her exit follows Alicia Douvall who was second to go, after Chloe Goodman was the first.

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