Sex and the City's Berger recreates the famous Post-it note break-up

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One of Sex and the City's most memorable moments came to life at the weekend when that Carrie/Berger Post-it note break-up scene was recreated…

Fans of the series will know it well: poor old Carrie Bradshaw thought she might have found The One with fellow writer Berger, only to discover he'd done a runner in the middle of the night after struggling to cope with her blossoming career and his nose-diving one.

Ron Livingston (as Jack Berger), Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw)
Sex and the City (HBO) season 6
Summer 2003 - Winter 2004

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Sarah Jessica Parker, as Carrie Bradshaw, alongside Ron Livingston's Berger.

Jack Berger breaks up with Carrie Bradshaw on a Post-it note, Sex and the City

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The famous break-up Post-it...

His only explanation and goodbye? A Post-it note saying: "I'm sorry, I can't, don't hate me."


Needless to say, poor Carrie was rather dumbfounded/angry/upset. What sort of man does that?! Even the NYPD were so sympathetic they let her off the hook for smoking pot in the street. (Naughty.)

And over the weekend, we got to relive the moment all over again after actor Ron Livingston, who played Berger, agreed to a request from Cosmo's Charlotte Palermino.

(Thank you Charlotte!)

Ron recreated the iconic moment by holding up another 'I'm sorry, I can't, don't hate me' note. Aww, we can't! Look how sad he looks!

The actor was at Sundance Film Festival to promote his new movie Digging For Fire, which co-stars Orlando Bloom.

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