CBB: Perez Hilton tells Nadia's picture he's hurt by Patsy's comments

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Perez Hilton is missing Nadia Sawalha so much on Celebrity Big Brother that he's taken her photograph to bed for a heart-to-heart chat.

Cuddled up in bed in the secret room, the US gossip blogger poured his heart out to Nadia's picture, saying he felt hurt at comments Patsy Kensit had made about him.

CBB: Perez Hilton is missing Nadia Sawalha, 27 January 2015

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Perez is on a secret mission, living in a room away from the house and spying on everything the housemates do and say. The housemates believe he has quit the show for good.

Last night, Perez clearly needed somebody to talk to, so he spoke to Nadia's picture about feeling betrayed by Patsy.

"I was hurt by many of the things I saw and heard Patsy say and do while I was in here. And I don't know, I know she is over stressed and emotional and exhausted and drained and over it. But I am hurt," he said.

Perez said it had been "hurtful" to hear Patsy's account of his last day in the house as she hadn't mentioned how he had spoken with her about her desire to leave.

"She didn't even mention that that I was also there as a shoulder to lean on for her in that moment," he said.

Perez continued: "It's interesting to see how quickly she erased me from her memory. It seems like but you didn't, Nadia, not once did you falter in your support of me and in affirming how special our friendship was."

Perez will re-enter the house tonight on the live eviction special, after Nadia, Katie Hopkins, Cami Li or Patsy is eliminated by the public vote.

Viewers have been also been voting on whether Perez should be given a free pass to the final or face eviction at every remaining eviction night. We'll find out the results of that vote tonight.

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