Ex On The Beach 2: Eight new singletons arrive, but two exes soon follow

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Ex On The Beach 2 returns to our screens tonight, so Reveal gives you the low down on our brand new singletons and the first two exes.

Back for round two, Ex On The Beach has lured in eight new guys and girls to come together for what they think will be a dating holiday. But dashing any hopes of romance, it's not long before the 'Tablet of Terror' goes off and the singletons realise they are about to be joined by some very unwelcome familiar faces.

Not only will the group's exes be joining the villa, but Geordie Shore stars Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby will be shaking things up too, as well as EOTB's very own Ashley Cain from series one.

Now the only question is: 'Who's ex is next?'

Oh, we SO can't wait to find out!

Rogan O'Connor, Ex On The Beach series two, MTV



Ex On The Beach, Morgan Evans
27 January



Rogan O'Connor, 24
Dreamboy Rogan believes he is the son of Zeus as he thinks "Greek gods have blessed him with good looks and the ability to pull women". A self-confessed ladies man, the fitness model blames his ex for his now womanising ways and it's not long before he's putting his moves on not one, but two of the villa's hotties. We can't imagine that's going to go down too well...

Morgan Evans, 26
Ex pro-footballer Morgan thinks his "effortless swagger" makes him a hit with the ladies and he confesses he's not afraid to splash the cash when it comes to wining and dining potential love interests. But despite his confidence when it comes to wooing his fellow singletons, it looks like the only romance (or should we say bromance) Morgan finds blossoming is with his new best pal Rogan.

Ex On The Beach, Kayleigh Morris
27 January



Ex On The Beach series two - Anita Kaushik, MTV



Kayleigh Morris, 26
Welsh beauty Kayleigh describes herself as the "sweetest b*tch you'll ever know", although her exes would say she's "crazy and psychotic". Admitting she can flip out from time to time, Kayleigh is still heartbroken about her ex and is hoping for a good-looking guy to sweep her off her feet. As she rocks up to the beach, she has her eyes on Rogan, but isn't too happy when she realises she may have competition...

Anita Kaushik, 22
Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model star Anita is a sucker for a holiday romance, and openly admits she can be high maintenance when it comes to relationships. So much so that her last boyfriend ended up moving to the other side of the world! Clashing with Kayleigh, Anita too has the hots for Rogan and despite her co-star whisking the Dreamboy off for a hot tub date, that doesn't stop her making a move. Surely that's asking for trouble?

Luke Goodfellow, Ex On The Beach series two, MTV



Loren Green, Ex On The Beach
27 January



Luke Goodfellow, 22
Mostly known as Beebz - thanks to being Justin Bieber's doppelgänger - Luke has an impressive collection of body ink and believes he is the only person who can get away with being as arrogant as he is. Hoping to woo the girls in the villa with his rapping skills, Luke soon becomes a hit with all his fellow singletons and he has his witty banter to thank for that.

Loren Green, 23
"Peter Kay but without the belly" - that's how funny girl Loren would describe herself. Her ideal date is a trip to Thorpe Park followed by a slap up meal for two at McDonald's and she believes her greatest strength is shopping up a storm. Girl after our own hearts, right? Shortly after arriving at the Ex On The Beach villa, Loren finds herself on a date with Luke, but will the Justin Bieber lookalike and his Welsh charm win her over?

Melissa Reeves, Ex On The Beach
27 January



Connor Hunter, Ex On The Beach



Melissa Reeves, 22
International DJ Melissa dubs herself the 'ice queen' and a classier version of Barbie. Crediting herself for being "brutally honest", the blonde beauty isn't afraid to voice her opinion and admits she gets extremely jealous when dating a guy. As she touches down on the beach, one boy in particular catches her eye, but could Melissa's new found romance be over before it even begins?

Connor Hunter, 18
Connor is the baby of the villa, but that doesn't stop him taking on the other lads when it comes to charming the ladies. Straight away, the Essex boy hits it off with Melissa, but just as things are hotting up between them, Connor comes face-to-face with a blast from the past.


Megan Clark, 19
Megan is Connor's ex. Although she admits the couple have had their ups and downs in the past, she arrives at the beach open to rekindling romance with her former flame. Well, until he opens his mouth and she remembers why they broke up! Megan says she may look sweet and innocent but you should never underestimate her... Ooh!

Megan Clarke, Ex On The Beach
27 January



Adam Gabriel, Ex On The Beach
27 January



Adam Gabriel, 23
Megan's not the only ex to hit the shore, as Kayleigh's ex Adam also joins the party. The club promoter dated Kayleigh for over a year and a half and their relationship ended because he started looking elsewhere. Still heartbroken over her ex-beau, Kayleigh - unsurprisingly - isn't too happy to see him rock up on the beach, and things go from bad to worse when Adam then heads off on a date with her rival, Anita.

Ooo, this is going to be good!

Ex On The Beach kicks off tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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