Exclusive: Claire Richards on her weight loss: "Keeping thin is a daily battle"

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Claire Richards has dropped an incredible six stone in the last year, however she admits keeping the weight off is a "daily battle".

Former Steps star Claire, who came fourth in the 2013 series of Celebrity Big Brother, is famed for her yo-yoing figure and has openly confessed to being "addicted to food" in the past.

Claire Richards outside ITV studios: 23 June 2014


But after trying a new tactic to slim down, 37-year-old Claire is hoping that this time her svelte figure is here to stay. But she's being realistic.

Speaking to Reveal, Claire admits: "I hope I've broken the cycle, but I think I've learned my lesson by saying, 'This time it's for good'.

"There is always a possibility that I could be a size 16 again in a year's time. I'm just taking each day as it comes.

"Starting a diet is always the hardest bit, but it's never easy. It's a challenge and a battle every single day."

In the past, Claire has tried all manner of diets in a bid to drop the pounds.

Claire Richards
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Claire pictured in 2012

In 2011, she even starred in her own TV show, Claire Richards: Slave To Food, and met with therapists and cosmetic surgeons in an attempt to understand why she couldn't control her weight.

This time, however, Claire is trying a new strategy.

"It's not even about eating healthy, it's about eating less," Claire reveals. "Portion sizes have always been my downfall. I never needed to eat the amount of food I did – I eat a fraction of what I used to now.

"I can function perfectly normally and I never have that horrible stuffed feeling after dinner anymore. I've tried to retrain my brain, it's the only way I've been able to do it this time."

She added: "I've done so many different fad diets and they don't work. For it to last this time, it's been about changing my attitude towards food.

"Whether I wasn't eating or over-eating, food is my issue unfortunately. I can't just stop eating food, otherwise I'll die, so it's not like giving up smoking!"

Claire Richards in Get Your Act Together - 21 Jan 2014


Next week, Claire will appear on ITV1's new celebrity talent show Get Your Act Together and she is hoping to dazzle the audience with her newly-aquired fire-eating skills.

The programme also means Claire can show off the impressive results of her weight loss in a gorgeous Las Vegas showgirl-style costume.

She says: "My costume is very Vegas showgirl and I never thought I'd wear anything like it, even though I've always wanted to.

"At first I was a bit unsure, but it really fits in with the whole theme and adds to the performance. I love that feeling of getting dressed up as a different character for a show. It's almost like a disguise!"

Get Your Act Together, 7pm, ITV1, Sundays. Claire will perform on 8 February.