CBB: Perez Hilton stages fake walk out after tweet argument

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Perez Hilton has staged a fake walkout on Celebrity Big Brother as part of a secret task.

Housemates were informed by Big Brother yesterday that Perez had made the decision to leave the house and would not be returning.

CBB: Perez Hilton stages fake walk out as part of Big Brother task, 25 January 2015

© Channel 5

Perez is living in a secret room unbeknownst to the housemates.

However, they are unaware that the US gossip blogger is currently shacked up in a secret room watching and listening to everything they say!

A statement from Channel 5 said: "Perez will be living in secret while the other Housemates are blissfully unaware of his ongoing influence on the events within the House."

CBB: Perez Hilton stages fake walk out as part of Big Brother task, 25 January 2015

© Channel 5

Perez's official portait in the CBB house says 'walked'.

The housemates reacted in silence to the news of Perez's departure until Kavana piped up: "I never thought I'd see that…"

We'll see tonight what happens in the aftermath of Perez's exit and what tricks Big Brother has up its sleeve!

Perez's fake exit came after he revealed his fury at Big Brother using what he assumed to be a fake tweet about him in a task.

CBB: Perez Hilton is angry about a 'fake' tweet, 25 January 2015

© Channel 5

Perez claimed this tweet was fake. CBB assured him it came from a real account.

Housemates Katie Price, Kavana and Calum Best had been made to watch videos and viewers' tweets which included one viewer who tweeted Perez was only friends with Nadia Sawalha because of a game plan.

Perez was furious and marched to the Diary Room to accuse Big Brother of making the tweet up. He insists that Nadia is the only person keeping him sane in the house. After venting, he demanded Big Brother "open the f**king door" as he didn't want to talk anymore.

Yikes! We can't wait to see what happens next!

If Perez had actually walked, he would have been the FOURTH housemate to leave the house without being evicted this year!

Ex-Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was kicked out for unacceptable behaviour, former Corrie star Ken Morley was ejected for offensive language, and US singer Alexander O'Neal chose to leave.

Only two housemates have been evicted by public vote: Chloe Goodman and Alicia Douvall.

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