Exclusive: Keith Lemon: "They asked me to host Big Brother!"

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We've been totally hooked on this series of Celebrity Big Brother, and we can't help but be glued to the sofa every single night for our much needed dose of housemate mayhem.

And we're not the only ones. When we meet celebrity spoofer and all round funny man Keith Lemon to chat about his new sketch show, he confesses he can't help but be sucked in, too. But tells us he turned down the chance to present the show!

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"They asked me to host it a little while ago, after Davina [McCall], but I turned it down. I couldn't follow Davina," he tells us.

And while he has us in fits of laughter on Celebrity Juice, Keith says he could never be a housemate - due to his unpredictable mood swings.

"They asked me to go into the house and I said, "Will I f**k?". I'm not always happy like people see me on the tele and I'd hate people watching me when I can't do my hair right in the mornings."

But he's more than happy to dish the dirt on the current housemates, and Katie Price isn't in his good books, it seems...

Jordan, Katie Price on Celebrity Juice


Katie Price appears on Celebrity Juice

"I imagined Katie Price had a sense of humour but when you meet her, she's like a plank of wood with two balloons tied to each side. I wouldn't have her on Celebrity Juice again. She just sits there and doesn't say anything. It's a casualty on TV".

Well she's certainly been loose-lipped when it comes to talking about her exes Keith!

But he's not stopping there, and when we mention the 'K word' - Katie Hopkins - the usually jovial Keith's face darkens.

Reveal magazine issue four, cover artwork, 2015
"What an absolute knee-face! I'm not being funny but I've been watching Big Brother and someones who looks aren't aesthetically pleasing, shouldn't have a pop at people about their looks. She should just be polite I think."

So who does Keith want to win? Surprisingly, he's got an unlikely pal in the house.

"I want Patsy Kensit to win. We celebrated New Year's Eve together at my house and she asked me what I thought of her going into the house. I told her, "You've got to be careful because sometimes it's good for people and sometimes it isn't."

He adds: "I told her, "Don't get too drunk, don't cry to much, and don't talk about your private life and you'll be alright." We did talk about the money, I think [the fee] is why everyone does it ."

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