CBB's Perez Hilton: 'Katie Hopkins is what I used to be'

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Perez Hilton has said Celebrity Big Brother housemate Katie Hopkins is what he used to be.

The US gossip blogger has not got on well with fiery columnist Katie in the house, accusing her of "bullying" him, while she's made it clear she has zero tolerance for his antics.

Patsy Kensit talks to Parez Hilton about her past relationships on 'Celebrity Big Brother - Live Twist', Shown on Channel 5 HD, January 2015

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In scenes to air tonight, we'll see Katie vowing not to speak with Perez unless she's instructed to by Big Brother.

Perez doesn't seem too fussed, asking Katie if that's a threat or a promise.

He also again accuses of her of bullying him and brings up yesterday's comment she made about him having "more back fat than a blue whale" while he was walking around in his underwear.

While some housemates objected to the harsh remark, Katie stood her ground, saying he was flaunting his half-naked self and walking around in his underwear.

And tonight she stands by that comment, saying "he does have back fat" and it's obvious as he likes wearing Spandex. Ouch.

It prompts Perez to say of Katie: "She's what I used to be."

Perez made his name as a sharp-tongued blogger famous for slagging off celerities, picking out their flaws and publishing information some of them may have preferred to remain private… but a few years ago he vowed to soften his tone and be more positive.

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