Rihanna wins legal battle against Topshop over T-shirt sale

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Rihanna has won her court case against Topshop.

The 'Diamonds' singer launched legal proceedings against the clothing store after it sold a T-shirt bearing her image.

Rihanna shopping for two hours at the Roberto Cavalli store, wearing a red Adidas leopard print jumpsuit, 7 July 2013


Rihanna's lawyers said the T-shirt could lure fans into thinking the singer had approved its sale in the store and had some sort of deal in place with Topshop.

Today, the Court of Appeal agreed, and said marketing the unauthorised shirt with Rihanna's image amounted to "passing off" – an infringement of Rihanna's image rights.

The judges said a reasonable number of fans could believe Rihanna and Topshop had a deal in place.

Lawyers for Rihanna had said the image was a paparazzi picture taken in Bangor, Northern Ireland while Rihanna was filming scenes for her 'We Found Love' music video.

Topshop lawyers had argued the company had no intention of making shoppers believe Rihanna had a deal in place.

Intellectual property lawyer Jeremy Blum told Reuters: "In this case, both the Court of Appeal and High Court were at pains to spell out that it is not an infringement just to use someone else's image, but that on the facts of the case they both agreed that the circumstances surrounding the image's use on the T-shirt meant there was a false misrepresentation leading to passing-off."

According to BBC, among the circumstances in this case were previous links between Rihanna and Topshop, including her appearing at promotional events for the company.

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