CBB's Kavana apologises to Keith Chegwin: "A volcano erupted"

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Kavana has apologised to Keith Chegwin following their fallout in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

During last night's episode (21 January), viewers watched Big Reunion star Kav launch an explosive rant against Cheggers after consuming alcohol.

Celebrity Big Brother's Kavana apologises to Keith Chegwin - 21 January.

© Channel 5


Celebrity Big Brother's Kavana apologises to Keith Chegwin - 21 January.

© Channel 5

Keith Chegwin.

TV personality Keith was offended when Kav had earlier said, "F*** you Cheggers", and after a Diary Room conversation, Kav attempted to apologise to Keith in the bedroom but another row soon escalated.

Admitting that he was "drunk", Kav called Keith his "new enemy" and blasted him for "sitting on the fence" before going to bed.

In a new clip show on last night's Bit On The Side, Kav spoke to Keith in the morning to apologise.

Celebrity Big Brother's Kavana apologises to Keith Chegwin after fallout- 21 January.

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"First of all I apologise, I'm really sorry," said Kav. "I think you're f***ing brilliant right.

"However, you don't realise you're doing it and I know it doesn't come from any malice, but sometimes, when you do call me up on stuff and say 'I'm messy' or 'What about you last night' or little digs like that..."

Keith interrupted Kav, saying: "I didn't. Other people do it, it's not just me."

Kavana upsets Keith Chegwin with rude remark, Celebrity Big Brother
20 January

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Kavana launched a rant at Keith, which was shown in last night's episode.

Wanting to get his point across, Kav continued: "I'm just saying, it's been building and building and building, and last night the volcano erupted and unfortunately, that's what I do.

"I hope somewhere in your heart or your brain you know that that wasn't the real me. I'm really, really f***ing sorry and I'm gutted that I shouted like that. I'm really sorry. It won't happen again."

Keith accepted Kav's apology and the pair hugged before going their separate ways.

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