Alexander O'Neal: "Perez Hilton isn't mean enough to be a bully"

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Alexander O'Neal has said he doesn't have a problem with Perez Hilton following their fallout in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

US soul singer Alexander decided to quit the show over the weekend following rising tension between himself and Perez.

Alexander O'Neal becomes angry with Perez Hilton for breathing over the food he was going to eat on 'Celebrity Big Brother' - 01/19/2015

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Alexander quit CBB over the weekend.

Having now a spent a few days on the outside, Alexander tells Reveal that he doesn't regret his decision to leave.

"I have no problem with Perez right now," he tells us. "I think that I did the best force of action and it was a good decision for myself because I don't want to be in a situation which has the potential to make me look embarrassing on national TV.

"I worked very hard here in the UK over the last 30 years. I have a lot of love for the British people and they give me a lot of love."

Perez Hilton in the Diary Room on 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Broadcast on Channel 5 HD. 01/17/2015.

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Perez Hilton has been a controversial housemate.

Speaking about his Diary Room conversation just before his exit, which was not aired, Alexander explains: "I just told Big Brother that this thing was spiralling out of hand. I had a lot of respect and love for most of my housemates and I just wanted them to have some peace.

"I don't know what would have happened between me and Perez if I didn't leave. I just wanted to diffuse the situation because I realised that Perez is Perez, nobody can control him.

"The way he behaved in the house was already decided before he came in the house. That's his decision and life goes on."

Recent evictee Chloe Goodman has accused Perez of being a bully, but Alexander declares: "I don't know if he's a bully. I don't think he's mean enough or big enough to be a bully."

Speaking about his experience, Alexander added: "It's a very very stressful show and you have 24 hours a day when you have to comply. I went into the house and it didn't pan out all the way but it was a great experience and I would never do it again.

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