Alicia Douvall's daughters Georgia, Papaya: 'We love our mum!' - photo

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Alicia Douvall's daughter Georgia has said she and little sister Papaya are supporting their mum all the way in Celebrity Big Brother.

Model Alicia has made no secret of the fact she's missing her family, and it seems like the feeling is mutual as Georgia, 19, posted a sweet message to Instagram alongside a photo of herself and Papaya, three.

Her message said: "It might not seem like much, but we have the biggest love for our mum! Supporting her all the way!"

CBB: Alicia Douvall's daughters Georgia and Papaya support her with sweet picture, January 2015

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Alicia's kids Georgia and Papaya.

Celebrity Big Brother January 2015 housemate: Alicia Douvall

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Alicia is currently up for eviction.

Fans of Alicia's were quick to echo Georgia's message. One said: "Your mum is such a lovely person. I hope so much she makes the final." Another wrote: "Your mum is the best, most mature and lovely woman in there! Those young girls are clearly jealous!"

Yesterday, scenes aired on Celebrity Big Brother that saw Alicia telling Calum Best he'd done her a favour by nominating her, as Alicia is desperate to see her kids.

We've also seen Alicia warn Katie Hopkins not to talk about her family, after Katie expressed disbelief that Alicia feeds Papaya a mostly vegetarian diet.

Alicia's relationship with her daughters was explored back in 2012 in BBC Three documentary Glamour Model Mum, Baby and Me, which followed Alicia's pregnancy with Papaya and how Georgia, then 16, supported her mum.

Georgia Douvall in Glamour Model Mum, Baby and Me, aired in 2012.

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Georgia appeared in a BBC Three documentary about her mum.

Before entering the CBB house, Alicia had said of her kids' reaction to the show: "Well one is only three, but the 19 year old is excited. I think she's worried about what will come out of my mouth but she is excited because all of her friends watch it."

Alicia also said she was hoping to change people's opinion of her, saying: "I was a model and I was partying and dating a string of celebrities, but I have grown up since then. I've got two kids. I am a completely different person but I am still tarred with the same brush, so I think it will be nice for people to see who I really am.

Meanwhile, back in the CBB house, the housemates are unaware that tonight's live eviction has been cancelled.

Alicia is up for eviction against Katie, Perez Hilton and Nadia Sawalha but they don't know yet that Big Brother has cancelled the eviction because of Alexander O'Neal's departure.

Instead, we'll get a live nominations twist from Emma Willis on tonight's show.


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