CBB's Michelle Visage wants Perez Hilton to "shut the f*** up"

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Celebrity Big Brother's Michelle Visage speaks her mind about Perez Hilton tonight, branding him "obnoxious".

In the latest episode of CBB, which airs at 9pm, Michelle lets rip in the Diary Room while talking about the US blogger - and it's clear she has had enough.

Michelle Visage in the Celebrity Big Brother house - 15 Jan 2015

© WENN / Channel 5

Michelle says she is astounded by "the level of obnoxiousness" from Perez, adding that it is "inhumane" and "such b*llocks".

And apparently, she isn't the only one to be feeling this way either...

Michelle tells Big Brother that the rest of the housemates feel the same, adding: "He doesn't shut the f*** up. Nobody can need that much attention, it's not possible."

Katie Hopkins chats to Perez Hilton - 13 Jan 2015

© Channel 5

Meanwhile, earlier today we revealed how Katie Hopkins has also told Perez how she feels about him during a group workout session in the garden.

After working up a sweat, while Perez faffs around in his King Of The Fairies gown, Katie suddenly stops what she's doing and tells him to "chuff off".

"We're doing work here and you're just gobbing off as normal about celebrity piffle and I've had enough of it," she says, before ordering Perez to go indoors.

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