CBB: Housemates threatened to walk if Ken Morley wasn't kicked out?

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Celebrity Big Brother housemates reportedly told bosses: "Kick out Ken Morley or we will all go."

According to the Daily Star, the housemates made it clear to Big Brother they wouldn't be happy if ex-Coronation Street star Ken was not removed from the house following repeated usage of "offensive and unacceptable" language.

CBB: Housemates learn of Ken Morley's exit, 13 January 2014

© Channel 5

The housemates looked shocked to hear about Ken's exit.

CBB: Perez Hilton cries after learning of Ken Morley's exit, 13 January 2014

© Channel 5

Perez was particularly surprised, breaking down in tears and saying he felt "relief" that Ken was gone.

The newspaper reports that scenes not aired on TV included housemates going to the Diary Room to tell Big Brother they were prepared to walk if Ken was not booted.


We already know from footage aired online and Big Brother's Bit On The Side that Nadia Sawalha had been considering leaving the house if something wasn't done, but the newspaper suggests that every other housemate would have followed suit.

How explosive would that have been?!

CBB: Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

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Ken pictured in the house before his exit.

CBB: Nadia Sawalha and Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

© Channel 5

Ken and Nadia exchanged words ahead of his leaving.

Nadia had told Big Brother that being in the house with Ken was making her "ill" but added the whole experience had been confusing and she was finding it hard to analyse what was happening. She also said she didn't want her children to see her cry and was worried there was going to be a row between Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton.

In the end, BB bosses did kick Ken out of the house on Monday morning, after he used "offensive and unacceptable" language once again, despite being given a formal warning previously.

The language included references to race, nationality, heritage and sexual comments about the female housemates.

Appearing on ITV's Loose Women yesterday, Ken, 71, denied he was racist and said he was sorry if he'd disappointed anyone with his behaviour in the house.

As a result of Ken's departure and the exit of Jeremy Jackson, 34, who was thrown out of the house for unacceptable behaviour, last night's live eviction show was cancelled.

Ken had been due to stand for eviction against Chloe Goodman and Alexander O'Neal.

Instead, BB tricked the housemates into thinking they had to nominate one person for eviction through a process of saving a housemate each until only one was left.

Cami Li was the unfortunate housemate who nobody chose to save... but in a twist, it turned out instead of being up for eviction, she was now crowned Queen of the Fairies, with powers to rule over the house for the next two days.


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