CBB: Cami Li is Queen of the Fairies and immune from eviction!

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Celebrity Big Brother housemate Cami Li has been crowned Queen of the Fairies aka Queen of the Celebrity Big Brother house!

On last night's live episode, the housemates were tricked into believing one of them would face eviction, only for naughty Big Brother to explain that person they chose would actually be given special powers.

Oh... we wonder if Cami Li will get her own back now!

Celebrity Big Brother', Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - 13 Jan 2015
Cami Li becomes Queen of the Fairies

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Tuesday night's original live eviction show was cancelled after Ken Morley was kicked out of the house. He had been due to stand against Chloe Goodman and Alexander O'Neal for the public vote.

The live show, however, went ahead last night, with Big Brother gathering the housemates in the Living Area and asking each one of them in turn to save another housemate from eviction. They drew straws to decide which housemate would kick things off.

- Nadia saved Patsy

- Patsy saved Perez

- Perez saved Alexander

- Alexander saved Calum

- Calum saved Michelle

- Michelle saved Katie

- Katie saved Kavana

- Kavana saved Alicia

- Alicia saved Keith

That left poor old Keith in the hard position of having to choose which of the final two housemates - Cami Li or Chloe Goodman - that he would put up for eviction. He opted for Cami Li, reasoning that she is the "toughest" in the house and could handle it.

Cami Li was then called to the Diary Room, unaware that the Diary Room was now being broadcast live to the housemates in the living area.

Big Brother then revealed the big twist - Cami Li isn't up for eviction! In fact, she's immune from eviction! Oh, and she's now royalty. She's the Queen of the Fairies with powers to decide who will be saved from eviction this week. Her reign will last for two days so we have no doubt there will be plenty more tricks up Big Brother's sleeve during that time!

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