Nadia Sawalha admits she considered quitting Celebrity Big Brother

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Celebrity Big Brother star Nadia Sawalha considered quitting the show before Ken Morley was booted out.

In scenes to be aired tonight, TV presenter and former EastEnders actress Nadia can be seen chatting to Big Brother about her time in the house and explains that Ken's presence was "making her really ill".

Nadia Sawalha

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Nadia then goes on to say that she wished she was watching this series of the Channel 5 reality show at home, as she is usually "good" at analysing it, but finds it impossible to work out what's going this year on because she's too involved.

And if that's not enough, Nadia also explains that she doesn't want her children to see her crying - and adds that she feels Katie Hopkins is goading an explosive row with Perez Hilton.

This year's series of CBB has been one of the most controversial ever. It only launched last Wednesday, yet Jeremy Jackson and Ken Morley have already been removed for inappropriate behaviour.

CBB: Nadia Sawalha and Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

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Last night, Nadia was seen confronting Ken before his exit about a series of derogatory comments he had made. She then declared that Big Brother should "call the police".

Nadia later told Perez Hilton that she would advise any friend thinking of taking part in CBB to "run".

Explaining exactly what she would say, Nadia said: "I had the time of my life but be prepared for it to be ten thousand times more stressful than you think you could have coped with."

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