CBB: Calum Best 'absolutely raging' after Chloe Goodman hair remark

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Calum Best and Chloe Goodman have had their first fallout in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

In scenes yet to be aired, Calum became annoyed with Chloe after finding out that she had made comments about his hairstyle, including the remark that he has "a lot more hair on his armpit".

Calum Best on Celebrity Big Brother - 13/1/2015.

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Calum Best.

Calum, who has been open about having hair transplants, found out about Chloe's remark while in the bedroom.

Insisting he was "cool", Calum walked out of the bedroom but Chloe, Cami Li, Patsy Kensit and Michelle Visage thought otherwise.

"He's absolutely raging," Chloe told the girls in the bedroom. "I take the p**s with him all the time. It wasn't like I said it deliberately not in front of him, [Cami and I] were in bed p****ing around laughing."

To keep the peace, Patsy begged Chloe to go and follow Calum to clear the air, and even claimed that Calum may have been annoyed because he "likes" Chloe.

Chloe Goodman in the bedroo - Celebrity Big Brother - 13/1/2015.

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Chloe Goodman.

Ex On The Beach star Chloe seemed to think otherwise, stating: "No, he doesn't like me like that. We're just pals."

Chloe, who claimed it was simply just a joke, continued: "He's my mate and he's got a bit of banter... But he's fuming, he's raging. I swear on my life."

Eventually, Chloe and Michelle headed out to the bathroom to see if Calum was okay.

Calum said he was totally fine, telling Michelle: "Do you think I would ever not be okay? Come on, don't be silly. I'm always alright though."

Calum, Chloe and Michelle talk it out in the bathroom - Celebrity Big Brother - 13/1/2015.

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Michelle and Chloe approached Calum in the bathroom.

But speaking directly to Chloe, Calum began: "Let me just tell you, if you've got anything funny to say, say it to me. I just can't picture you saying something not to me that's actually insulting.

"I know you're good with banter, I know you're very humorous and I f***ing love you to bits, but I would never insult you not to you."

Speaking to Nadia and Michelle this morning in the kitchen, Calum insisted that Chloe's comments "didn't hurt", but added: "She needed to know it's not okay."

Watch a clip here.

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