CBB: Perez Hilton wary of Katie Hopkins making it 'The Katie Show'

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Celebrity Big Brother's Perez Hilton and Alicia Douvall have revealed their doubts about housemate Katie Hopkins.

Yesterday, following Ken Morley's removal from the house, Alicia opened up to Perez about her thoughts on controversial TV personality Katie.

Celebrity Big Brother: Perez Hilton and Alicia Douvall talk about Katie Hopkins - day 6.

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Perez and Alicia discuss housemate Katie.

Alicia said Katie had initially proved her wrong, as in the first few days she thought Katie was "really nice".

"Every time I say something she just goes (tuts)," explained Alicia. "When she came in I thought she was actually a really nice girl but then behind your back she just (tuts)... Why would you do that when someone's talking?"

Perez, who has had disputes with Katie in the house, concluded: "Wounded is the key word. She is wounded because she is a smart girl and she knows from the last five days that it's been 'The Ken Show' and now, she knows that going forward, there is an opportunity to make this 'The Katie Show'.

Celebrity Big Brother January 2015 housemate: Katie Hopkins

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Perez claims Katie wants to make CBB 'The Katie Show'.

"So she's trying to make it 'The Katie Show' and right now, we're making it 'The Katie Show' by talking about her."

Swiftly moving on from the topic of Katie, Perez then introduced a new housemate to Alicia, a rabbit statue named Mr. Buns!

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