CBB: Housemates record charity single for shopping task

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Celebrity Big Brother housemates have recorded a fun charity single as part of their first shopping task.

The actually rather catchy little track was penned by the house's two musicians: popstar Kavana and US singer Alexander O'Neal.

CBB: Kavana co-writes charity single for shopping task, 11 January 2015

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Kavana co-penned the charity track.

Lyrics include: "Locked in a house and I don't know my way out / No magazines or telephone to call out / I don't know why I said yes to this…"

The chorus includes the lines: "Nobody understands why we have to suffer / I need my pay cheque from Big Brother / Does anybody really care? / I just want more, more, more."

Brilliant work, guys!

Kavana and Alexander have to gather the housemates together in a makeshift studio to record the charity single and to pass the task, at least 50% of online viewers must like the track.

Ooh… tough…

CBB: Celebrities record charity single for shopping task, 11 January 2015

© Channel 5

As well as achieving the required likes on their music video, the housemates have to complete other tasks as well, including a strenuous cycling challenge.

An exercise bike was set up in the garden and housemates had to take it in turns to cycle continuously for the allotted time period.

They also had to answer phone calls from the public who had challenges, including one viewer who tasked Michelle with putting on one item of clothing from every single housemate in just sixty seconds.


So, do they pass? Tune into CBB tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 to find out!

As well as watching the task tonight, we'll also see Ken Morley's departure after he is kicked out of the house for using offensive language despite a previous warning.

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