CBB: Nadia Sawalha wanted police called on Ken Morley

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Nadia Sawalha wanted Celebrity Big Brother to call the police on housemate Ken Morley ahead of his ejection from the house today.

In a sneak peek of tonight's episode, it seems Nadia is left reeling by new comments Ken has made – despite him previously receiving a formal warning for unacceptable language.

CBB: Nadia Sawalha and Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

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Nadia was upset with Ken.

The preview says Nadia questions Ken on whether he thinks he's done anything wrong in the house. He answers by suggesting the housemates have been brought together for "psychological warfare."

Nadia then presses Ken about his previous comments about looking at women's bottoms in the house.

Ken responds: "What is wrong with a man looking at the best looking arses in the world?"

According to sneak peek, Nadia "loses her cool" and demands that police are called and Ken is removed from the house.

CBB: Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

© Channel 5

CBB confirmed today Ken had been removed.

After Nadia recounts the conversation to other housemates, US gossip blogger Perez Hilton declares: "He is not a man, he's a pig."

Perez later talks to Ken and says if he was Ken, he would be scared for his own safety when he leaves the house because of the unacceptable comments he's made while there.

Ken also appears to upset Patsy Kensit during a separate incident. The preview says Patsy is meditating in the garden and speaking about her ideal Sunday with her family when Ken interjects with various comments.

CBB: Patsy Kensit and Ken Morley pictured in house, 11 January 2015

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Patsy spoke with Ken in the garden during a cycling task.

The nature of the comments has not been revealed but they prompt Patsy to reply: "I'm here, man! I train sometimes with a punch bag. You're a d**k. I'm meditating. F**k off."

Wow, sounds like an explosive episode.

CBB confirmed today that Ken had been removed from the house but declined to say what specific incident had prompoted the decision.

A statement said: "Ken Morley has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house for using unacceptable and offensive language following his formal warning.

"Tuesday's eviction is now cancelled and lines are now closed. Anyone who has already voted will be able to apply for a full refund and details will be available on the Big Brother website within 24 hours."

Ken Morley is given a warning by big brother for his offensive chat on 'Celebrity Big Brother', Shown on Channel 5 HD

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Ken previously received a formal warning for offensive language.

Ken, 71, had previously been given a formal warning for making unacceptable and offensive comments tohousemates, including a sexually explicit question aimed at Michelle Visage.

He is the second housemate to be removed from the show this year.

Former Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, 34, was told to leave over the weekend after being accused of drunkenly pulling open Chloe Goodman's dressing gown to expose her naked breast.

CBB airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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