CBB: Chloe Goodman's dad says she'll want the best for Jeremy Jackson

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Chloe Goodman's father has said the model would want to see her ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemate Jeremy Jackson get help following this weekend's groping controversy.

Former Baywatch star Jeremy was kicked out of the CBB house after he drunkenly opened Chloe's dressing gown to expose her naked breast.

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - Jan 2015
Chloe Goodman

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Chloe was in tears after the incident, while Jeremy admitted he'd made a big mistake.

In an interview with The Mirror, model Chloe's dad Sean said although he hadn't spoken to Chloe since the incident, he thinks she would want Jeremy to get help rather than see him reported to police.

"She would want him to get support and to get better. He obviously has a few issues," said Sean.

Chloe was alone in the toilet with Jeremy when the incident happened. She'd gone into the room to help Jeremy while he was vomiting after mixing himself a combination of spirits.

There are no cameras in the toilet but microphones picked up Chloe telling Jeremy, "That's not okay. I'm leaving now."

She later broke down in tears while discussing the incident with Big Brother in the Diary Room.

CBB's Jeremy Jackson is ejected from the house - 10 Jan 2015

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Ex-child star Jeremy was told to wait in the bathroom while Big Brother decided what to do, he was then given a separate sleeping area for the night away from the other housemates before learning in the morning he was being kicked out.

"I thought it was flirtation. It is not acceptable and I made a mistake, and now I'm in boiling water for it."

He also told his housemates: "I moved her robe, but thought she was wearing a bathing suit underneath."

He insisted: "I didn't grope her body... I barely touched her."

Jeremy is now believed to have flown back to the US.

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