CBB: Jeremy Jackson admits he 'made a mistake' leading to his eviction

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Jeremy Jackson was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house for inappropriate behaviour towards fellow housemate Chloe Goodman.

Fans of the show watched in shock on Saturday night (10 January) as the former Baywatch star was removed from the house after 'exposing Chloe's boob'.

Celebrity Big Brother's Jeremy Jackson rests in the snug - 8 Jan 2015

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In seriously uncomfortable viewing, we saw self-confessed alcoholic Jeremy suffering from a hangover after mixing his drinks the previous night.

When the 34-year-old child star dived into the toilet to vomit, a concerned Chloe followed him to help...

While there are no cameras in the CBB toilets, a microphone recorded Chloe saying "that is not okay".

Seconds later, Chloe ran out in tears into the arms of her new friends including Nadia Sawalha and Cami Li.

Celebrity Big Brother January 2015 housemate: Chloe Goodman

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Between sobs, she claimed that Jeremy had pulled at her robe exposing her breast.

When Jeremy finally surfaced from the toilet, he said: "I moved her robe, but thought she was wearing a bathing suit underneath."

He insisted: "I didn't grope her body... I barely touched her."

After speaking to both Chloe and Jeremy separately in the diary room, Big Brother asked the actor to sleep in another room away from the other housemates.

The next morning, Jeremy was asked to leave the house.

Celebrity Big Brother series launch on 7 January 2015 - Jeremy Jackson

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Before leaving, he told the cameras: "I thought it was flirtation. It is not acceptable and I made a mistake, and now I'm in boiling water for it.

"I'm being silly... I'm too emotionally-wounded to engage in any flirtation or relationship with a woman.

"I know my heart, my intentions and no matter how much I try to explain it, it doesn't really matter."

The explosive episode was moved from its usual 9pm slot to a later time of 10pm and came with heavy warnings about the content and language.

Former Coronation Street actor Ken Morley was also in trouble when he was given a formal warming for unacceptable language.

Celebrity Big Brother series launch on 7 January 2015 - Ken Morley

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Celebrity fans of the show voiced their opinions on Twitter about the shocking episode.

Former housemate Nicola McLean couldn't help drawing similarities between Jeremy's behaviour and that of Denise Welch during her time in the house.

Denise pulled down the shorts of Playboy model Karissa Shannon in 2012, sparking a huge row at the time.

She said: "So Jeremy did exactly what Denise did?? But because it was a man he was removed??? I'm confused ... @bbuk.

"I'm not saying what Jeremy did was OK either but just wonder why such double standards?' #cbb."

CBB host Emma Willis said: "Well, my opinion is, he was out of line.. #CBB."

Katie Piper took a more sympathetic view, tweeting: "Becoming famous so young seems like a lonely tough place! #CBBJeremy."

Designer Brix Smith Start blasted: "What #CBBJeremy did was unacceptable , but I #CBBPerez is stirring the drama. He's a drama queen 4 sure. Jeremy is clearly unhinged #CBB."

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