James Corden's has a man crush on Johnny Depp!

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After starring together in upcoming Disney film Into The Woods, James Corden has cheekily revealed that he has a little bit of a man crush on co-star Johnny Depp...

When the comedian turned actor was asked what it was like to work with Hollywood heavyweight Johnny Depp, James, 36, was certainly complimentary of the 51-year-old.

"He's really cool. I only did half a day's work with him, but I felt like I was back at school wanting to hang out with the cool guy. You're just hoping a bit of his coolness will rub off onto you!"

James Corden at the New York premiere of 'Into The Woods' held at the Ziegfeld Theater 09/12/14


James Corden at the New York premiere of 'Into The

James Corden and co-star on the cover of Hollywood Reporter from his Twitter

© Twitter / @JKCorden

James Corden and co-star on the cover of Hollywood

"I don't wear bangles and necklaces and stuff, if I did I'd look stupid but for him it all just works. I was pleased just to be in his orbit for an afternoon... and then I got to kill him in the film!"

Before turning to a career in comedy, James revealed that all he'd ever wanted to do as a teen was perform on the West End, which he got the opportunity to do when he was just 17.

James Corden Twitter Pic The Baker Into The Woods

© Twitter / @JKCorden

James as The Baker in Into The Woods

However, it wasn't quite as glamourous as the funnyman had hoped, with James even going as far as calling it 'a disaster'.

"However large my ego is now at 17 it was off the scale and I just imagined that when I turned up in the chorus and someone would say we have to give this guy a song but I was actually stood right at the back and didn't even have a microphone in act two."

Way to show them what they missed out on, James!

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