MIC Spencer Matthews "too busy living life" to comment on romance troubles

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Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews has shrugged off any relationship trouble with Lauren Frazer Hutton, claiming the pair are "too busy living their lives" to care about Lucy Watson's claims he has been inappropriate.

Last night, during the series finale of MIC, viewers watched as Lucy dropped the bombshell Spencer had been propositioning her while dating Lauren.

But as the drama unfolded on our screens, Spencer and Lauren didn't seem too bothered, instead they were sunning themselves on a romantic trip to St Barths.

Spencer Matthews and girlfriend Lauren Frazer Hutton in St Baths
21 December

In the early hours of this morning, Spencer took to Twitter claiming he had forgotten the show had even been on.

He tweeted: "Sorry for not tweeting about tonight's Ep. Forgot it was on. We were busy living our lives. @iamlaurenhutton #St.B."

Chelsea's notorious lothario is currently enjoying a romantic break for two in St Barths, after whisking new girlfriend Lauren off to the Caribbean island for Christmas.

And, putting on a united front, the pair have proven there is no chance of their relationship hitting the rocks just yet. Looking very much loved-up still in their holiday snaps, Lauren and Spencer have been enjoying plenty of sunshine and cocktails throughout their stay.

Lucy Watson reveals Spencer Matthews had been propositioning her, Made In Chelsea finale
22 December

© E4

Spencer Matthews tells girlfriend Lauren Frazer Hutton about Lucy Watson's claims, Made In Chelsea finale
22 December

© E4

Meanwhile, Lucy also took to Twitter following the show. She tweeted: "Maybe you really can't be friends with your ex."

The pair's tweets come after Lucy revealed Spencer had hit on her while they were out together at an American football match. Speaking to her younger sister Tiffany, Lucy said Spencer - her ex-boyfriend - had asked what he could do to get back together with her.

She said: "He crossed the line. I was like 'Spencer you have a girlfriend. Do you remember that?'... He basically told me not to tell anyone he was with me."

As always, it wasn't long until the news got back to Spencer and he was forced to address the rumours with his girlfriend. Insisting nothing happened between himself and Lucy, Spencer told Lauren he and his ex are just friends, despite their flirty relationship.

After hearing what he had to say, his girlfriend then replied: "I trust you, I don't care."

Lucy Watson confronts Spencer Matthews, Made In Chelsea finale
22 December

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Later on in the episode, Lucy confronted Spencer about his actions. Claiming his comments about rekindling their romance were in jest, Spencer told his co-star he didn't want to be with her.

Hitting back at her pal, Lucy said: "Well don't tell me you do then. I know when you're joking... You said to me if I wanted to sleep with someone, you'd keep it a secret because you have a girlfriend."

Spencer replied saying he couldn't understand why Lucy was making such a big deal as nothing happened, leading Lucy to retort: "Yeah. Luckily for Lauren, I'm not that kind of girl.

"If I had gone for it, it would have happened. Sorry, but that's true. If you're going to behave like that when you're drunk you can't be in a relationship with someone."

Spencer Matthews and Lauren Frazer Hutton kiss, Made In Chelsea finale
22 December

© E4

After admitting to Lauren he had lied about where he was that day, Spencer had a lot of making up to do, especially after Louise told Lauren her boyfriend had kissed Lucy - something both Spencer and his ex deny.

Declaring his love for his new flame, Spencer just about managed to persuade Lauren to still spend Christmas away with him.

And, judging by their latest snaps from St Barths, it seems the couple have decided to leave their recent drama behind for them good.

Well, it is Christmas!

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