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TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong blogs I'm A Celebrity for Reveal.co.uk.

The Only Way Is Essex's Danielle Armstrong exclusively shares her views on the latest episode of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Episode 14.


We open with the camp in shock at Jimmy's departure the previous night - and now he's gone, there's no one to give them a wakeup call! Bet they enjoyed a quiet lie in!

A lot of the celebs were saying how much they will miss Jimmy.

I think Foggy will miss Jimmy the most but I do think some of Foggy's tears were due to the fact he himself was not voted off first. He has been out of the limelight for sometime and I think he was really touched that some of his old biker fans remembered him.

Foggy is emotional and upset after Jimmy Bullard's exit from the jungle on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', Shown on ITV1 HD, 1 December 2014

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Foggy is comforted by Nadia after Jimmy's exit.

Bushtucker Trial

Michael and Vicki nominated themselves for the latest Bushtucker Trial, which was very brave, but not without Foggy having some concerns about whether they could actually deliver some food! It turns out he need not have worried!

Both Michael and Vicki were strapped to a wheel and rotated into a bath full of water containing crabs, eels and God knows what else. Then, with the wheel spinning, Vicki had to grab a star from the bath and pass it to Michael, who then had to throw the star into a basket. Seemed more like a medieval torture than a trial to me!

Vicki Michelle and Michael Buerk take on the 'Deadly Dunker' Bushtucker Trial and win Seven stars on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', Shown on ITV1 HD, 2 December 2014

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More Downton than I'm A Celeb?!

They were so good together, giving it a great go. I had to laugh as it was more like watching an episode of Downton Abbey than a Bushtucker Trial! They were so polite and wonderful together, all very "darling, darling", no swear word, tears or dramas, with Michael proclaiming, "we need to dress for dinner" when they managed to get seven stars!

It was a bit different with the Dingo Dollar Challenge later on...

This one was down to Kendra and Jake. It took them some time to work out what the challenge actually was, never mind complete it!

Kiosk Keith sets a challenge for Kendra and Jake they have to find clocks with riddles in the swamp and put the correct times on the clock outside the swamp on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', Shown on ITV1 HD, 2 December 2014

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Kendra and Jake's trial was confusing.

They eventually worked out they had six clocks in front of them displaying different country timezones, and six other clocks in a swamp that was filled with horrible smelly gunge. They had to retrieve the clocks from the swamp that had the right time shown, then change the clocks that were wrong.

Anyway I think that's what they did, it was all a bit confusing for me!

All I do know is they had to unscrew the clocks and Kendra made loads of comments about how good she was at screwing. Normal stuff for Kendra! And Jake was a lapping it up! He is loving his time in camp, isn't he?!

Amid all that, they somehow they managed to complete the task and then the main camp had to answer a final question that would determine whether they got the prize or not.

Unfortunately for them, the camp got the answer wrong and they didn't get their treat, which was digestive biscuits. But, as Jake said, what good would biscuits be without a nice cup of tea? I know what he means. I do love a cuppa!

Jake Quickenden cries after learning he's going to be an uncle, I'm A Celebrity 2014

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Jake was emotional after learning he's to be an uncle.

Letters from Home

All the campmates had to complete a memory test to get their letters from home. Each person had to memorise eight words that briefly flashed in front of them and, if they got them right, they won a letter for another camp member.

Everyone got their letters except for three: Vicki, Kendra and Nadia. Michael lost for Vicki, Mel lost for Kendra and, yes, Kendra lost for Nadia. Although upset, I don't think Nadia needed Kendra to keep apologising, especially when Kendra said she could now remember the words!

So, the camp had the letters they'd won read out and it was all very emotional.

It was funny listening to Edwina reading out Tinchy's letter from home. She put so much effort into it, like she was reading him a bedtime story! Edwina's letter from her hubby was really touching, but Jake's news he was to be an uncle had us all crying! He found out his brother's wife is pregnant!

Nadia Forde is the second celebrity to be voted out of the jungle on 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', Shown on ITV1 HD, 2 December 2014

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Nadia was the second star eliminated.


Mel didn't respond well to advice on how to cook octopus for the camp meal, but then got more upset at the comments when they ate it.

I think the best one was from Edwina, who declared it was "a bit like eating flavoured gristle". That went down like a lead balloon with Mel! I'm expecting more cooking dramas ahead!

Second elimination

This time the whole gang were up for the vote and it was Nadia who was eliminated. It is a shame to see her go but someone has to leave. Nadia had done well and I'm sure she has made some great new friends - in particular Jake. I can see some romance there in the future (even if she's denied it!)

I'm A Celebrity: are you sorry to see Nadia go?

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