Corrie's Antony Cotton: 'My mum cried when I opened present!'

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Coronation Street's Sean Tully has had a fairly disastrous track record with men but things are about to change as sparks begin to fly between the optimistic barman and newly arrived vicar Billy (Daniel Brocklebank).

And star Antony Cotton is delighted that his character is finding new happiness over the festive season.

Antony Cotton at Simon Gregson's 40th birthday party, 2014

© WENN / Steve Searle

"There is a spark of a relationship starting," Antony reveals. "They [Sean and Billy] aren't together on Christmas Day as Billy is with his parishioners. It is a busy working day for him."

However, Sean will still enjoy a fun-filled day at the Grimshaws according to Antony, who has played the character since 2003.

"He is happy at the Grimshaws, they have a lovely time in the Rovers, they get drunk, eat well and get merry," he says. "Sean does have a Christmas shirt that has presents, Christmas trees, Father Christmas and snowmen on it!"

It seems that Antony has just as much fun with the Grimshaw family at Christmas as Sean does, naming Ryan Thomas as the co-star who has provided him with his favourite Christmas Corrie memory.

"I always remember Ryan Thomas eating everybody's Christmas dinners in the Grimshaws one year," he shares. "We had to play the scene and everyone was feeling a bit sick because we had eaten so much food. But Ryan just started shovelling everyone's food in his mouth!"

Antony also has fond memories of his real-life Christmases, naming a slightly disappointing present as providing him with a great deal of entertainment!

"I remember opening a belt [...] it was a rainbow plaited leather belt," he said. "I must have been about 12. And I remember my mum crying because I opened it and said 'What on earth do you expect me to do with that?' She was devastated!"

The actor has a much clearer idea of what he would like in his stocking this year though: "A 6ft rugby player - sorry Peter!"

It's a reasonable request, surely?!

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