Love Actually gets Honest: You won't watch it the same way again!

Published Thursday, Nov 27 2014, 12:00 GMT  |  By  |  2 comments
Love Actually is one of those movies that just feels so right to watch at Christmas… but you might not view it the same way after watching this new trailer!

A rather hilarious fake trailer for the rom-com has been released courtesy of the guys over at Honest Trailers, giving a very different look at the movie we've all come to know and love…

It begins by declaring: "From the man responsible for every movie your girlfriend tried to drag you to, comes the film responsible for every bad movie about a dozen famous people falling in love on a popular holiday…"


LOVE ACTUALLY' - 2003 Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon

© Rex Features / c.Universal/Everett

As the trailer points out, this "ultimate romantic comedy"… isn't always romantic, funny or relevant to the holiday season and has "eight different plotlines that are creepy and depressing when you start to think about it…"

Deaths, broken romances, an unfaithful husband and more...


Love Actually, it concludes, actually "boils down to a super cut of every rom-com cliche in the book". Last minute airport dash? Yep! Over the top gestures? Yep! Cute children? Yep! And - their words not ours! - Hugh F**king Grant.

Fair or not? All we can say is at the end of the day this trailer has just made us want to watch Love Actually again even more!

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