Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan reminicses about romance with Kyle Christie

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Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan has revealed the moment when love blossomed between herself and her co-star Kyle Christie.

Last month, Holly confirmed that she and Kyle are officially dating, although we as viewers were yet to see their romance develop in screen.

But, during last night's episode of Geordie Shore, we finally got to see the couple's relationship step up a gear.

Kyle Christie tells Holly Hagan he doesn't want to pull other girls, Geordie Shore
26 November


Fans have been eagerly waiting to see the pair get together in front of the cameras and, during last night's episode of Geordie Shore, Kyle and Holly's romance finally took its next step.

When Kyle entered the house in series eight, it wasn't too long before he and Holly hooked up, but so far this series, Holly has been reluctant to pick up where she left off with her co-star.

Until now that is!

After finally tashing on again after a drunken night out, viewers saw Kyle put himself on a "pulling ban" to try and woo Holly.

And judging by her tweet during the episode, that was the moment Holly knew the Geordie lad was a keeper.

Referring to her now very loved-up relationship with Kyle, Holly posted an emoji of a face blowing a kiss, along with the tweet: "It happened then."

Holly's cute message about her other half came after viewers watched Kyle tell the 22-year-old he was only interested in her.

Pulling her to one side in the club, Kyle told Holly he "didn't need to pull other girls" and, trying to play it cool, she replied: "But if you want to do it, then do it."

Reassuring Holly it was only her he wanted to be necking on with, the Geordie Shore newcomer insisted: "I'm sound, I'm sound. I don't want to do it right, okay?"

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie at Holly's autobiography book launch, Cafe De Paris, London
4 October

© Instagram / @hollygshore

Now, fast forward a few months and the pair are officially the real deal, with fans even nicknaming the couple 'Kolly'.

Although we get the impression, Holly isn't too keen on their new moniker!

She tweeted: "Kyle + Holly = Kolly? Really? #GeordieShore."

You never know Hols, it could catch on. Look at Brangelina!

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