Exclusive: TOWIE's Bobby Norris: "As I touched down in Oz, Gemma had taken off!"

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TOWIE star Bobby Norris had flown all the way to Australia to support his friend, only to learn that Gemma Collins had left I'm A Celeb before he had even arrived!

Earlier this week, ITV confirmed that Gemma had left the jungle after struggling to cope with life in camp.

But, unaware his BFF had quit so soon, Bobby has exclusively told Reveal he only found out about her exit after landing in Oz himself.

Bobby Norris flies to Australia to support Gemma Collins
17 November

© Twitter / @BobbyCNorris

Bobby was on his way to Oz...

Gemma Collins arrives back at Heathrow - 21 November 2014


But, Gem was already making her way back to Essex.

"I didn't know she had walked," Bobby said.

Earlier today, Gemma was pictured arriving home as she landed in London. But, now on completely different sides of the world, Bobby revealed he hasn't even managed to see his TOWIE co-star yet as she had already left Oz by the time he arrived.

"Our paths completely crossed," Bobby explained. "As I touched down, she had taken off!"

Gemma Collins announces she is quitting 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!'. 19 November 2014

© Rex Features

Gemma told her campmates she had to leave after feeling "sick and panicky" in the jungle.

Asked what he made of Gemma's early departure, Bobby had nothing but support for his pal.

He added: "I had no preconceptions before she went in. I just wished her luck and I'm so proud.

"I applaud her for going in. In [the jungle] you're back to basics, it must have been so hard. I'm proud of her."

Admitting he hasn't yet had the chance to speak to Gemma, Bobby told us he's looking forward to getting back to Essex and reuniting with her.

"When I'm back in Essex we'll go for a catch up over dinner and a few glasses of wine," he said. "I'll get all the gossip then."

Bobby Norris appears on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now!
20 November


In the meantime, Bobs is staying in Oz as he appears on the panel for I'm A Celebrity's spinoff show, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now! - and he's loving every minute of it.

"I've been treated so well, it's pure luxury here... I was business class on the way out here! I'm scared of flying, but you wouldn't believe how much business class helps.

"I love being on the Get Me Out Of Here Now! panel, it's so exciting because we're all fans of the show."

Despite confessing he had seen very little of the show since it started, Bobby said he thinks this series is going to be a good one.

Especially now X Factor hottie Jake Quickenden has arrived in the I'm A Celeb camp...

"Jake's going to add a bit of eye candy isn't he?! He's got the body, the tattoos. He'll be in the waterfall shower with his top off... hashtag #myleeneklass. I'm just hoping he does a David Haye and flashes a bit of bum."


Edwina Currie and Jake Quickenden to enter I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here! - 20 November


When pushed to pick a favourite camper, a little biased, Bobby claimed his fave would "always be his bestie G.C".

But, after analysing the latest shenanigans from camp, has Bobby been tempted to head into the jungle as a future contender?

Not completely ruling it out, Bobs said: "If the timing was right."

"TOWIE will always be my priority," he continued. "But, if I could I would. It's hands down my favourite show."

Bobby Norris in the jungle? Now that we would absolutely LOVE to see!

Making sure he was pampered before his trip, Bobby paid a visit to Clinica Fiore Skin Medica, www.clinicafiore.co.uk.

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