Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson cheats on boyfriend Alik Alfus?

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Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus have had their relationship rocked once again by infidelity rumours.

Not too long ago, Louise was left upset after Jamie Laing revealed Alik had cheated on her with another a girl in London. After Alik insisted he hadn't been unfaithful, Louise decided to give her boyfriend the benefit of the doubt and things were back on track for the pair.

But now, the couple have been struck by cheating allegations yet again and this time round, it's Louise who is in the firing line.

Made In Chelsea, Louise Thompson tells Alik Alfus about cheating rumours, E4
10 November

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During last night's episode of Made In Chelsea, viewers saw Lucy Watson confront Louise after she had heard Louise had kissed someone on a night out, the day before Alik arrived in London.

Forced to address the rumours with her boyfriend, Louise then told Alik about Lucy's visit.

She said: "[Lucy] said she heard from a friend that I hooked up with someone before you came to England. I remember getting really drunk. I don't remember getting with anyone, but I was pretty drunk.

"The day after I asked my friend who was at the party, her friend, everyone else, I asked Binky... they said everything was fine. Now, here we are and suddenly this rumour has piped up that I kissed somebody."

Made In Chelsea, Alik Alfus hears news Louise may have cheated, E4
10 November

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Shocked by what Louise had said, Alik replied: "So you're telling me you don't remember if it did happen or didn't happen, that means it could have happened, right? That's very painful.

"I didn't expect this at all... I think you need to find out what happened and come back to me and tell me the truth."

In a sneak peek at next week's episode, Louise is seen telling Alik: "I didn't lie about the story, there are just parts I missed out."

Uh-oh. Will Alik get to the bottom of what really happened?

Made In Chelsea, Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus, E4
17 November

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News Louise may have been unfaithful comes after Alik was recently accused of cheating himself - something he completely denied.

Initially Louise decided to take Alik's word for it, but struggling to fight off her suspicions, she rang the girl in question to find out if her boyfriend had been telling the truth.

When the girl then told her nothing had happened, Louise said she felt like an idiot for not trusting Alik completely.

Now rocked by infidelity rumours yet again, can Louise and Alik overcome them once more?

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday 17 November at 9pm on E4.

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