TOWIE's Lydia Bright on Fran and Lewis: "I'm stuck in the middle"

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TOWIE's Lydia Bright admits she feels "stuck in the middle" of Fran Parman and Lewis Bloor's ongoing feud.

Things have remained tense between Fran and Lewis after Fran warned her friend and co-star George Harrison to stay away from the Essex Boy.

Since then, the pair have continued to row and insult each other, leaving Lydia feeling a little awkward...

Lydia Bright
1 November

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In a new video, Lydia has confessed that she is reluctant to get involved with Fran and Lewis' arguing as she is good friends with both of them.

In the clip, posted to the official TOWIE website, Lydia says: "I do feel stuck in the middle. They say things about each other to me and it sometimes puts me in an awkward situation.

"At the end of the day I always side with the person that I think is fair. The person that I think is in the wrong, I will always tell them. That way I'm completely honest."

Lydia did admit that she doesn't think Fran and Lewis will ever be able to make amends.

She added: "I don't think they will move forward. They're never going to be friends, so they should just leave it at that. It's best with them both to just agree to disagree.

"If they can just be civil for the sake of everyone else, I think that would be beneficial."

TOWIE James Diags Bennewith, Fran Parman, Lewis Bloor settle feud, ITV
5 November


Lydia's comments come after viewers saw Fran and Lewis attempt to clear the air in Wednesday's episode of TOWIE.

After coming face-to-face at the fireworks, Fran managed to keep her cool as she and Lewis decided to try and put their feud to bed.

Agreeing it was best to keep their distance from each other, the co-stars decided to draw a line under their constant bickering.

The feud stemmed from Fran's warning to George and ever since then, the pair have continuously come to blows.

While Fran labelled Lewis an "arrogant a***hole", Lewis called Fran a "pug" over Twitter - upsetting both her and her boyfriend, James Diags Bennewith.

But now, seeming to have sorted out their differences, let's hope Fran and Lewis can stick to their truce!

TOWIE continues this Sunday 9 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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