TOWIE's Fran Parman, Diags get amorous on the sofa (cat runs away!)

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TOWIE's Fran Parman and James 'Diags' Bennewith have long been one of fans' favourite couples on the show, so we can breathe a sigh of relief that everything between them seems back on track.

A preview picture from tonight's episode of the ITVBe programme shows the pair looking utterly loved up while getting down to business on their sofa.

TOWIE's Fran Parman and Diags get frisky on the sofa, episode airing 5 November 2014


It all seems too much for the cat though, who scuttles away!


Fans of TOWIE will know Fran and Diags recently faced a rocky patch in their relationship when Fran stumbled across pictures on Diags' phone that showed another woman in her underwear.

Understandably furious, she confronted Diags, who insisted they were very old images sent to him before he'd even met Fran and he had no idea they were still on his phone.

Diags broke down in scenes that were rather hard to watch as he pleaded with Fran that he was innocent and he loved her. Fran, meanwhile, admitted that she might have trust issues from her experience in a past relationship.

Now, it seems they've moved past what happened, proving they have a solid relationship and this is one Essex romance that could be for the long haul…

TOWIE's Fran Parman and Lewis Bloor clash again, episode airing 5 November 2014


Also on tonight's episode, we'll see Lewis and Fran come face-to-face again.

Not as solid, however, is Fran's current state of play with co-star Lewis Bloor, who she has come to blows with on the show recently.

Lewis branded Fran a "pug" on Twitter, much to Diags' annoyance, and has claimed Fran is "no good" for Diags. Fran, meanwhile, annoyed Lewis by warning her friend George Harrison to be cautious around him.

However, on tonight's episode of TOWIE, it seems Lewis offers an olive leaf to Fran, attempting to apologise and make amends. How will that go down?!

TOWIE airs tonight on ITVBe.

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