TOWIE's Lewis Bloor continues feud with Fran Parman & boyfriend Diags

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TOWIE star Lewis Bloor has continued his ongoing feud with co-stars Fran Parman and James 'Diags' Bennewith, by claiming Fran "is no good" for Diags.

In recent weeks, viewers have seen rising tension between Fran and Lewis after Fran warned her friend, newcomer George Harrison, away from the Essex boy.

Things have since turned nasty between the pair and despite Diags confronting Lewis over his feud with Fran, it seems Lewis won't be letting things lie anytime soon...

Lewis Bloor and James Diags Bennewith argue, TOWIE
2 November


In a new video, Lewis has stirred up even more trouble by claiming Fran isn't the right girl for Diags.

In the clip, posted to the official TOWIE website, he said: "I don't think Fran is good for Diags. Diags is a nice guy and she keeps putting him in these situations where time and time again he's having to defend her and ends up acting like an a***hole himself."

During Sunday night's episode, Diags - fed up with Lewis continuously insulting his girlfriend - fell out with his co-star after Lewis branded Fran a "pug" on Twitter.

Speaking about their argument, Lewis couldn't resist making another dig at Fran and Diag's relationship.

He added: "Diags is entitled to say what he said. He did lose his s***, he got very angry. I think the only reason he got that angry was to show Fran he did have her back and hopefully win her on side...

"I couldn't think of anything worse to be in a relationship like that. If that means staying single, then ladies, you know where to find me!"

Lewis Bloor and James Diags Bennewith argue, TOWIE
2 November


Still not apologising for his "pug" tweet about Fran, Lewis said he was "making a joke at [Fran's] expense" as he felt he was "entitled" to say something back after everything she has said lately.

Lewis comments come after he and Fran have had their fair share of cross words recently.

Ignited by Fran's words of warning to George, the pair have found themselves in an ongoing personal feud.

While Lewis has gone on to claim Fran has "slept with half of Essex", Fran has blasted Lewis for being an "arrogant a***hole".


Fran Parman confronts James Diags Bennewith over naked pictures, TOWIE
29 October


But, not only has Fran had to deal with drama with Lewis, she recently found herself in a rocky patch with boyfriend Diags.

After Fran found saucy photos of a girl Diags used to see on his phone, she told her boyfriend she never wanted to be with him again.

Luckily the couple were able to work things out, but Fran and Diags have since admitted they both have personal issues they need to deal with to make their relationship work.

And, it seems their blip has provided Lewis with plenty of ammunition...

It sounds like this feud is far from over!

TOWIE continues this Wednesday 5 November at 10pm on ITVBe.

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