Binky Felstead rules out reunion with Alex Mytton as he offers apology

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Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead reassured fans she "would never" get back with her ex-boyfriend Alex Mytton.

Fans were sparked into a frenzy as a sneak peek of next week's episode of the show showed Alex offering Binky an olive branch with an apology.

Following concerns that Binky might fall for the love rat all over again, the reality star has now insisted she has no intentions of rekindling her romance with Alex.

Made In Chelsea, Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead, E4
10 November

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Binky had been dating her co-star Will Colebrook, but in last night's episode of the show, viewers saw Binky tell her new love interest she just wanted to be friends.

In a trailer for next week's episode, Alex - who originally was gutted to hear Binky had been dating - looked pretty happy to hear Binky had decided to stick to being single.

Made In Chelsea, Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead, E4
10 November

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Shortly after, the Chelsea lothario was then seen bumping into Binky as he headed over to her house to post an apology letter he had written for her.

But, when things had seemed amicable between the pair, fans questioned whether the pair might be getting back together.

Quick to shoot down any speculation she would reunite with her ex, Binky tweeted one user directly saying: "Please- @oliverjeffery I would never get back with Alex!!!"

Much to the delight of most of her fans!

Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead confront their friends and ask them to butt out of their relationship on 'Made In Chelsea'.
17 June 2014.

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Earlier this year, Binky was left heartbroken when Alex admitted he had cheated on her multiple times.

Despite falling out with her friends after deciding to stand by her man, Binky struggled to move past Alex's cheating and called time on their relationship for good.

Speaking about their split before she headed to New York with the MIC cast this summer, Binky said she knew her relationship with Alex "had to end".

Revealing she was making herself more unhappy by staying with Alex, Binky confessed: "I love him, but I loved me more."

Made In Chelsea, Will Colebrook, E4
3 November

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Made In Chelsea, Binky Felstead breaks things off with Will Colebrook, E4
3 November

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As the new series of Made In Chelsea returned to our screens earlier this month, viewers saw a single Binky moving on from her break-up as she began to date MIC newcomer Will.

But, in last night's ep, Binky decided Will was too much of a "nice boy" for her and decided to tell him she just wanted to be friends... at his birthday party. Ouch!

Despite rating their date at the London Aquarium a solid nine out of ten, Binky confessed to her mum and sister she didn't think there were any sparks between the pair.

She said: "The only thing is, I think he's really lovely and on paper he's perfect but I just don't know if I'm feeling it. I'm not getting any butterflies."

Still, plenty more fish in the sea right, Binks?

Made In Chelsea continues next Monday 10 November at 9pm on E4.

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