Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison introduces boyfriend to the gang!

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Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison is braving the show's relationship curse and this week, she is introducing boyfriend James Morgan to the rest of the house.

Last week, the Geordies returned to our screens for series nine and surprise surprise it wasn't long before things all kicked off. But, now given the title of Team Leader, Vicky is hoping to keep her pals in check...

This week Vicky gets a visit from her new man, Charlotte Crosby reveals her relationship is hitting the rocks and things only get worse for Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers!

Vicky Pattison invites boyfriend James Morgan into the Geordie Shore house, MTV
4 November


It's Holly's birthday and seeing her party as the perfect place to sneak her boyfriend into the house, Vicky invites her current squeeze, ice hockey player James, to join in the fun.

But, things haven't been known to go too well when the castmates have brought their other halves into the Geordie Shore house. Vicky has done so before and ended up splitting with the guy for co-star and former fiancé Ricci Guarnaccio.

James Tindale came to blows with Holly Hagan after his girlfriend Kate made an appearance and Charlotte was left in tears when her ex Mitch had a little too much to drink in front of everyone...

Fingers crossed this time round it goes a little better, ey Vick?

Excited for everyone to meet her new boyfriend, Vicky has her fingers crossed the house will welcome him with open arms. But, will he get the welcome she's after?

Charlotte Crosby opens up about relationship to Gary Beadle, Geordie Shore, MTV
4 November


Meanwhile, Charlotte confides in former flame Gary Beadle - much to Vicky's annoyance - that her relationship is on the rocks.

An emotional Charlotte - who has now split from Mitch - tells Gary things haven't been going as well as she had previously made out.

Will the self-confessed ladies man know what to say to put a smile back on Charlotte's face?

Marnie Simpson and Kyle Christie kiss, Geordie Shore, MTV
4 November


Elsewhere, Marnie puts a spanner in the works when she decides to tash on with Kyle Christie to make Aaron jealous.

Last week, Marnie wasn't happy when Aaron decided to try his luck with other girls, despite telling her he liked her.

After inviting one of his other conquests to Holly's party, Marnie is quick to get her revenge, but will she regret acting so quickly?

Hmm... our guess? Probably yes!

Catch the next episode of Geordie Shore on Tuesday 4 November at 10pm on MTV.

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