Exclusive: X Factor's Stereo Kicks: "We take girls back to budget hotels for sex"

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Stereo Kicks' James Graham and Jake Sims have been big hits with the ladies since reaching the final stages of the X Factor, and tell Reveal all their pulling secrets.

Not that it is very romantic, as the boys admit they have taken girls back to budget hotel Ibis for sex - and sometimes the girls even pick up the bill!

Stereo Kicks' James Graham and Jake Sims arrive at studio rehearsals, London, October 2014


"Last week, me and James took a girl each back to the hotel," Jake, 19, told us during a boozy party at the X Factor house in north London.

"Tom [Mann] has a girlfriend so he was there with her."

X Factor 2014 finalists Stereo Kicks


We soon get into a debate over who should foot the bill for the overnighter stay, so Reveal suggest splitting it so the boys know they have a genuine girl who isn't after their new-found fame and fortuneā€¦ only for it to transpire that it was actually the girls who had paid!

Reveal magazine, on sale 4 November 2014
Probably noticing our jaw hit the floor, James, 18, did redeem himself by explaining: "But I'm seeing her again next week and I'm paying for the hotel then, it was just circumstances last time."

Next they act out their pulling techniques, with James shuffling coyly and playing with his hands, explaining that's "his thing" as girls fall for his innocene.

"Casey [Johnson] is just too obvious when he's trying to pull, he'll just go up to a girl and be all over her," explains James.

Meanwhile, Jake laughs and protests: "We're young lads!"


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