Marvin Humes treats Rochelle Humes to a spooky surprise on This Morning

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Marvin Humes managed to get his own back on wife Rochelle today, giving her a fright not once, but THREE times live on air.

As the pair headed back on to the sofa to present This Morning, Rochelle had the fright of her life as her cheeky husband decided to play a few pranks on her for the Halloween-themed show.

Marvin Humes scares Rochelle Humes on This Morning, ITV
31 October

© ITV/Supplied by WENN

Rather you than us, Rochelle!

Planning the whole thing, Marvin sure knows how to make a scare as he set up three different frightening encounters for his other half.

Kicking things off, Rochelle was left startled when a member of the crew jumped out at her dressed as a skeleton. Laughing it off, Rochelle couldn't believe she fell for the predictable prank.

Oh, if only she knew what was yet to come...

Next, Marvin got Rochelle again as he planned for a plastic spider to drop in front of her face while she was presenting. Shrieking away from the eight-legged surprise, Rochelle playfully hit her husband, shaking her head again in disbelief.

For the big finale, while chatting to newly-engaged Ashley Banjo, Rochelle jumped out of her skin after a horrible-looking zombie crept up behind her.

Left with her heart in her mouth, Rochelle cried: "I hate you all. Why would you do that to me?! He's really scary."

Ooo Marvin, you are mean!

Marvin Humes scares Rochelle Humes on This Morning
31 October

© ITV/Supplied by Wenn

Marvin's Halloween pranks come after Rochelle claimed she always has the last word if she and Marvin argue.

Before heading back into the ITV Studios, Rochelle discussed her tendency to over-share private details about herself and her husband on the daytime show.

Despite spilling the beans on Mavin's proposal and their bedroom antics, the mum-of-one said her comments hadn't yet resulted in a domestic live on-air.

But if they ever did, Rochelle insisted she would always win when it came to an argument.

A trio of scares later, we can't help but think a certain someone was trying to get their own back on their missus...

Well Marvin, if you were, it certainly worked!

To watch Rochelle get a fright live on This Morning click here.

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